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10 Best Inflatable Kiddie Pools for Summer Family Fun in 2023

Summer is here, and no doubt, it’s going to be another scorcher. The best way is to cool down in hot weather is to spend some time in a pool. If you have a backyard, be it large or small, you can turn it into an unlimited source of summer family fun. One simple item that you need is a family or kiddie swimming pool. From non-inflatable to inflatables, there are many options to choose from. We have already reviewed some of the best non-inflatable and hard plastic kiddie pools. Let’s take a look at the ten best inflatable kiddie pools that you can get at a reasonable price.

From Intex to Homech, Many brands compete in this space. So, it isn’t easy choosing the best product amongst many. Therefore, we’ve assembled the best inflatable kiddie pools with personalized recommendations for you. Keep reading.

Best Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Inflatable Kiddie Pool: Hesung Inflatable Swimming Pool

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Hesung model tops the list of our favorite inflatable swimming pools for many reasons. First of all, this play center comes in an enormous size to accommodate the entire family.

With an overall dimension of 118x69x21 inches, your family is set to have a good time in this giant pool. It can accommodate four children and two adults as the entire family enjoys a splash pool party in your backyard. But that’s not all; you can also turn it into a ball pool for indoor activity.

One unique feature about this pool is that it offers UV protection against harmful sun rays. In addition, the material is made to last, and your family will be safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Sturdy, this pool comprises a heavy-duty structure to withstand the weight of up to 150kg. Notably, three air chambers prevent air leakage and feature 0.4mm PVC material.

The pool has a safety guarantee since the material is BPA-free, Lead-free, and certified by ASTM as a safe product. In addition, the company maintains international standards regarding kids’ safety. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that your family is protected from harmful toxins.

Lastly, the setup is easy, and it inflates within 4 minutes. In addition, it’s easy to deflate for hassle-free storage.

Best Inflatable Kiddie Pool with Slide: Costzon Inflatable Water Slide

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Costzon Inflatable Kiddie Pool has everything your children need for an unforgettable summer season. At first, it comes with an impressive design that your kids will love.

The pool comprises heavy-duty material that incorporates mesh, 820D, and 420D oxford. Thus, it can resist tears, wears, and punctures. It’s a durable pool, and no amount of pressure can damage it. Your kids can jump in it, climb and do all tricks. In addition, it can accommodate three to four kids at the same time, and it’s a wonderful choice if you are hosting a birthday party for their friends to join in the fun.

The design is unique as the kids can practice how to climb and jump. Luckily, there are heavy-duty and safety backings that offer the child excellent support when climbing.

Safety is everything when shopping for kids’ products, this pool has mesh walls around the pool area, and you can check on them all the time. Also, the mesh is breathable.

There are lots of activities to do in this pool, and your children will love wading in the water. Simply connect to a hosepipe for endless fun. We also need to mention that the pool is easy to set up, and you can place it anywhere in the backyard.

Finally, collapsing is also easy, and you can carry it anywhere for outdoor fun. However, it costs more than most kiddie pools; but it’s a premium product worth every cent.

Small Inflatable Kiddie Pool: Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

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The Intex inflatable pool comes at an unbelievably low price. Whereas it’s not a heavy-duty product like the Costzon kiddie pool, it’s an excellent choice for parents on a budget. First, it has a total measurement of 62 x 62 x 48 inches, and therefore, it can only accommodate up to three toddlers. Therefore, it’s not an excellent choice for bigger kids or adults.

Other than that, it’s sturdily made and can support 74 gallons of water. We love the quality of the material, which is tough enough to resist perforation. The best part is there is a repair patch you can use to seal any holes.

We also like the beautiful design as the colors are child-friendly. It’s versatile, and you can set it outdoors or even indoors for a ball pit party. If you’re going for a summer tour, there’s no need to leave this pool behind as your kids can have fun while you keep an eye.

We need to speak well about this pool since it doesn’t require any assembly and ready-to-use straight from the box. Thus, you can carry it anywhere on the go. Generally, we like the entire set of this pool and recommend it for parents with small kids. Better yet, it can also work well as a splash pool for pets.

Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

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Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

Little Tikes Kiddie Pool is a premium product for kids to play and have fun. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s a durable kiddie pool you can bet your money on.

The kiddie pool with slide it comes at an overall measurement of 168 x 108 x 84 inches, and this means it can accommodate up to four kids. Also, unlike the Intex kiddie pool, this model can support bigger kids since it’s heavy-duty.

Versatile, your kids can play different games in this pool, from climbing to sliding. There is a smooth slide for kids with a curvy design that will add more fun as they engross into the pool.

There’s no need to worry about your kids’ safety since the kids can climb easily with heavy-duty supports. Likewise, you can observe what they are doing since it doesn’t have an obstruction.

The pool also a mini basketball hoop around the pool area. So kids can enjoy shooting hoop as well. We also need to point out that it’s easy to inflate and deflate. It folds down into a small package you can carry when traveling.

We love heavy-duty material that can resist puncture or tears. Plus, there is a blower that provides continuous air to the pool.

Hamdol Inflatable Swimming Pool

If you are looking for an affordable kiddie pool, you can consider the Hamdol inflatable pool. It features a measurement of 99″ X 72″ X 22”, and therefore, it can accommodate more than one kid at the same time. We really like this pool because there’s enough space to fit up to 5 kids and two adults. So it’s no doubt that it will be a hit among your family for summer pool parties or yard parties. You can also set it indoors for a fun-filled ball festivity.

The best thing about the kiddie pool is that it’s durable and long-lasting. You’ll love the quality of the material, which is super strong than most options on the market. Further, it’s soft and won’t bruise your child’s delicate skin. This pool is BPA-free and certified as safe by ASTM, CPSIA, and CPC for safety concerns.

Inflating this pool won’t take a lot of time. You can use an electric pump which you need to buy separately. Also, you can bring it down easily for storage or travel. Another thing to add is that the structure also contains internal water valves for easy drainage. In addition, three air chambers boost the steadiness of this pool and avert any leakage for maximum safety.

Bestway Rectangular Inflatable Family Pool

It can be difficult to find a pool that accommodates the entire family at a reasonable price. Fortunately, this Bestway Inflatable pool is one of the most affordable kiddie pools on this list.

First off, the pool features an elegant design that will add pomp to your kids’ pool party. Measuring 120x72x22 inches, it’s a family-sized kiddie pool that can accommodate a mid-sized family comfortably. So your entire family can join in and have fun during the scorching summer heat.

Safety is a concern to many parents, and this pool address all your fears. The pool comprises a thick material that can withstand ruptures for long-lasting performance. In addition, it’s free of harmful toxins such as lead, phthalate, and others.

You don’t have to wait for the pool to inflate since you can use an electric pump. In addition, three air chambers boost the pool’s strength, which also prevents air or water leakage. However, you’ll need to buy the pump separately. 

When deflating, the water drains quickly for easy storage. Lastly, you can carry the pool anywhere for outdoor action or fun.

AKASO Inflatable Swimming Pools

When shopping for an inflatable pool, you would surely pick a durable one that can withstand the summer heat. The Summer Waves pool is a durable product that features a stylish design that will complement your backyard.

It’s comfortable, and the round shape has an overall measurement of 8 x2.5 feet for diameter and depth. Furthermore, it’s a 608-gallon capacity and can accommodate the entire family to enjoy one big pool party.

Installing this pool is astonishingly easy, and it will be up in a few minutes. Furthermore, there is a filter pump that comes with the package, and therefore this saves you the cost of buying one from the stores.

Your family safety is guaranteed with this pool since it has a filter cartridge and an internal chlorinator. Therefore, this eliminates all the germs for a healthy pool party. It also keeps the water fresh at all times.

The material is super sturdy and comprises a triple layer chamber that enhances stability; since it’s durably made, you don’t have to worry about perforations. The Summer Wave pool can withstand a lot of weight for long-lasting performance.

Other Recommended Inflatable Kiddie Pools

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Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center

Surprise your family this summer by getting the Intex Candy Zone to play center. It comes at an incredible price and is made of a plastic material that’s gentle on the kids. However, it’s an elegant pool for toddlers; hence it’s not recommended for adults. 

There’s no need for setup since it comes ready to use. Attach to a garden hose and let the children have fun in the summer heat. Also, it blows quickly, and you can carry it easily for outdoor fun.

The package comes with everything for your children to indulge in the fun. Inside, you’ll find six balls, two lollipops, and rails for rolling the balls. There’s also a heavily padded mat where the kids can land.

This play center is sturdy and comprises heavy-duty material that can tolerate pressure and damage. Unlike the cheap options that get holes during the heat, this one stays in one piece for satisfactory performance.

Finally, it’s spacious, and there’s a lot of room for the kids to play. Plus, the slide is not steep, and thus the kids can climb easily.

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad

You may be forgiven to think that the SplashEZ Kiddie Pool is a high-cost play center. But, on the contrary, it’s a low-cost alternative for kids to have fun and learn and gain knowledge. This outdoor pool comes with kids teaching materials such as fun toys, animal drawings, letters, shapes, and planets, valuable for a child’s cognitive development.

The pool is designed to accommodate kids above one year to cool down from the scorching sun. The design is a sure bet as it contains some fountain sprinklers that your child will love.

Safety is a guarantee with this pool since it is parent-approved. Similarly, it doesn’t contain all those harmful chemicals present in plastic products such as BPA or Phthalates. Therefore, you can be at peace knowing that no harm will come in the way as your child pampers in fun-filled activities.

Sturdiness is yet another reason to choose this kiddie pool. And it’s made of heavy-duty plastic that can resist punctures. Last, the installation doesn’t take time, and you can bring it down in a minute for travel or storage.

Intex Inflatable Ocean Children’s Play Center

Last on our list is the Intex 54754 EP Inflatable Kiddie Pool which comes in a multi-color design. This pool is versatile and can transform the outdoors into a play center for your kids to engage.

Quality should be a key consideration, and that’s why we recommend it to parents with small kids. The material used in construction is Vinyl, while the outer seams are heat-sealed to enhance durability.

The pool is a convenient size, and you can set it in your backyard for the little kids to have fun as you watch. The design also comprises a control valve, and so you can adjust the water level easily. There is plenty of room in this pool and fun toys such as the whale, ring toss, turtle, and palm tree.

Other items that accompany the package include a repair patch kit and a built-in sprayer. Overall, this player is a good value for money that will provide electrifying fun to your kids.


Kids need to play and learn for their overall health and social skills. Inflatable play centers can bring lots of fun for the entire family. With so many choices on the market, it’s essential to choose a product that will deliver the best value and last long. Likewise, safety is a consideration when shopping. Hopefully, the review has offered an insight into the best inflatable kiddie pools for hassle-free shopping.

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