Electric Skateboards for Kids and Beginners

5 Best Electric Skateboards for Kids and Beginners in 2023

Skateboarding is a fun outdoor activity for people of all ages. Anyone with good balancing skills and safety equipment can ride a skateboard. In recent times, electric skateboards are becoming popular among young kids as well as teens as they take the thrill of skateboarding to a new level. If your child is insisting on getting an electric skateboard, you might think twice before buying one.

The good news is if your child is mature enough to ride an electric skateboard safely, you don’t have to keep him off of it. Most e-skateboards on the market are quite safe for young children since they undergo rigorous safety checks before hitting the market. Keeping the junior riders in mind, even a few brands specifically design electric skateboards for kids and teen beginners. In this post, we have gathered some of the best electric skateboards for kids after testing more than dozens of options. Let’s have a look!

Best Electric Skateboards for Kids and Beginners

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Best Electric Skateboard for Kids: Woorkrays Electric Skateboard

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Our editor’s choice best kids skateboard is the Woorkrays Electric Skateboard. You won’t find many good-quality electric skateboards for kids and tweens out there. However, this electric skateboard is a great choice for kids and pre-teens as it is super easy for them to maneuver.

The skateboard is equipped with a simple riding mechanism so that riders, regardless of their age and skill level, will feel safe and comfortable riding it. Thanks to the combination of a concave shape and kick tail design that ensures excellent stability and balance. Hence, your child will enjoy a smooth ride, even while riding on different outdoor surfaces.

Parents often worry about durability when they think about buying an electric skateboard for the family. That won’t be the case when you go for the Woorkrays electric skateboard. It is made with a 7-layers rock-solid maple deck to ensure excellent durability and comfort. With a weight capacity of up to 176 pounds, you can expect that it is well-made for kids of all ages.

Speed is something that makes electric skateboards more special than regular skateboards for kids. As a parent, you will get peace of mind knowing that you can control at which speed your child can ride the skateboard. The electric vehicle is equipped with a simple and responsive remote control panel that enables parents to control it very easily. There are three different speed modes to suit junior riders of different ages and skill levels. The 350-watt motor allows riders to ride the vehicle up to 12mph. If your child has never tried a traditional skateboard before, we recommend setting the speed to the lowest level, which is around 6mph.

The weight of the skateboard is only 8.6 pounds, making it super easy to carry around when not in use. What’s more, the electric skateboard includes a 2000mah Lithium Battery, which requires only 2 hours to get fully charged. With a full charge, children can ride the electric vehicle up to 5 miles at a stretch. Make sure to charge the battery at least once a month to preserve the battery quality.

What’s more, the skateboard features high-quality trucks to allow taking safe and effortless turns. Plus, the PU wheels are large enough for a smooth glide without noise. All these incredible features make the Woorkrays electric skateboard stand out from typical skateboards.

However, while riding for the first time, make sure your child is constantly under adult supervision until riding somewhat comfortably. Also, check if your child wears proper skateboard safety gear before every ride.

Best Electric Skateboard for Teenagers: Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

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Wondering what will be a great electric skateboard for a teenager? Then look no further than the Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard. This skateboard is perfect for young skateboard enthusiasts to enjoy a faster yet smooth skateboarding experience than regular skateboards. Whether it is safety, durability, style, or controllability, the manufacturer has covered all the bases well with this version of the electric skateboard. At a first look, you might think it’s an expensive brand skateboard. That’s not the case. It’s more like a budget board from Meepo.

Getting used to any electric rideable takes time for riders of any age. The good news is Meepo’s skateboards feature an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel that gives anyone, including beginner riders, a smooth riding experience even when starting out. The electric skateboard comes with a 38-inch long deck made of seven layers of Canadian Maple to ensure better stability and control on different outdoor roads. Additionally, with a rechargeable wireless remote, riders can easily control the speed based on their preference.

The acceleration of this skateboard is uniform and quick, thanks to the combination of two 540 watts Meepo hub motors. While the advertised max speed is 28mph, the constant max speed on a flat ground a rider can achieve is slightly lower than that. The regenerative brakes are not just reliable but also work fantastic. Another impressive feature of the skateboard is the battery life. The quick-charging battery lasts around 11 miles with a single charge.

From an M4 Remote to a USB charger, the package comes with all the necessary skateboard accessories. These tools become handy whenever you need to do some adjustments. The water-resistant, as well as moisture and dustproof coating of this skateboard ensures much more longevity compared to other electric skateboards on the market. The 6-month warranty is surely a plus. However, some customers complained about their poor customer service.

Best Electric Skateboard for Youth Beginners: Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

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Teamgee is one of the leading skateboard brands known for producing premium quality electric skateboards. They have a few electric skateboard models that are popular on the market. Among them, Teamgee H5 is the best-rated and most suitable skateboards for youth beginners.

This electric longboard skateboard deserved to be on this list for an array of impressive features, such as improved control, ease of maneuvering, high speed, and outstanding performance. Among other notable features, the 760W dual-motor with high torque and 90mm PU wheels with high elasticity are worth mentioning. The combination of high-speed dual motor and polyurethane wheels makes the board fun to ride while still feeling stable. Also, the wheels grip well on rough grounds, thus ensuring an extended lifespan of the board even after heavy use. On top of that, the flashlight feature makes riding safe and fun at night.

Made from a 10-layers maple wood deck, the deck of this skateboard is unique in design and size. Drop-through decks are common in regular longboard skateboards. But Teamgee is one of the very first brands that has tried drop-through decks on electric skateboards. You know what? It has been a success. Though the deck is 8.7 inches wide, it is ultra-thin, making the overall board very lightweight. It seems the ultra-thin design of this skateboard doesn’t affect its weight capacity because it can hold up to 22 pounds. What’s more? The skate deck has slip-resistant grip tape to keep the rider’s feet firmly in position while skateboarding in different rough terrains.

As for the speed, riders can reach about 20mph on flat grounds. Riders can easily control the speed using the wireless remote. Whether they need to accelerate, brake, or reverse, the remote comes in handy. Additionally, users can take advantage of four-speed modes to make them comfortable when riding an electric skateboard for the first time. Moreover, the smooth acceleration of the motor works great for entry-level riders since they are less likely to be thrown off the board.

Thanks to its high-performance battery, riders can ride up to 11 miles once charged fully. And it only takes a couple of hours to charge the unit completely. Note that battery performance might vary depending on rider weight, speed, and surface condition. Before riding, make sure all the safety measures are in place.

Best Mini Electric Skateboard for Teens & Youth Beginners: Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

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Here comes another skateboard from Meepo. Like the Meepo V3, Meepo Mini 2 also has a powerful yet high-quality build but comes with a shorter deck size. If your child has developed good skills for skateboarding, this one will be a good upgrade from regular skateboards.

This electric skateboard is made of 8-ply maple wood to ensure lightweight and high durability. So, there will be less wear and tear, even after everyday use. What’s so impressive about this model is its top speed. On flatter grounds, riders can go up to 28 miles per hour. The fast top speed comes in handy when climbing hills or steep slopes. For riders, there are four-speed modes that make the vehicle easier to ride even with no prior skateboarding technique.

When an electric vehicle can go that fast, stability and good control are key. The 32 -inch deck is more than enough to accommodate both feet comfortably. The grip tape on the deck is grippy enough for a balanced ride. Besides, Meepo Mini 2 comes with remote-controllable PU wheels, which are wear-resistant and offer better grips on rough terrains. This type of wheel is also great while skateboarding on the street, sidewalk, or solid surfaces. You will be glad to know that the deck weighs only 17 pounds but has a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds. As a result, teenagers can continue riding it till they reach adult years. However, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery is only good enough for short commutes. With a full charge, riders can get about 7-10 miles of ride time.

Lastly, this electric skateboard is easy to use and control for most users. Riders will feel safe and secure while riding the beast. Like most other electric skateboards, it also comes with a few must-have skateboard accessories. So, you might think it’s worth the extra price.

Best Budget Electric Skateboard for Kids: JKING Electric Longboard Skateboard

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Many parents make the mistake of going for cool-looking skateboards instead of thinking much about product quality. Most electric skateboards on the market charge a high-end price. But not all of us can afford them. Keeping that in mind, JKING has brought a few affordable yet quality electric skateboards on the market for kids and teens. This Jking electric skateboard is one of them.

The most impressive thing about this model is that it comes with almost all the features like other expensive skateboards. Premium construction, quality wheels, good top speed, you can’t ask more for the price. Even this skateboard has comparatively better battery life than many other pricier boards. The battery lasts up to a range of 19.5-21.8 miles when fully charged. However, the battery takes around 4 hours to be fully charged.

As for the design, you will surely be awed by its cool look. It comes with a wider deck size to make riders feel comfortable while riding at a good speed. Additionally, the deck is made with 8-ply maple wood to ensure high durability and flexibility. No wonder why it is capable of taking a load of up to 330lbs.

Apart from that, the skateboard has a 450W dual brushless hub motor, which allows cruising up to 26 mph on flatter streets. It does come with 3-speed modes, making the board easier to control. Additionally, it features shock-absorbing PU wheels, which are responsive to different road surfaces to ensure a smooth riding experience. For parents who want to gift their children an electric skateboard for the first time, it is an excellent choice for the price.


Many parents feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding the best electric skateboard for their teen child. But it should be that hard.

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A mid-range priced board yet premium features will be a brilliant pick without digging your bank account. If you want to go for the premiums, make sure the extra few bucks are worth the best value. Hopefully, this review guide has covered all the areas to help you find the best electric skateboard for your junior rider.

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