Best Beginner Skateboards

15 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2023

Nothing symbolizes the punk rock scene more than a skateboard does. For so many years, it has been a symbol of creativity, rebellion, and the extreme. But skateboarding has now become so popular not just because of the earlier mentioned aspects but also as a popular means of transport and passion.

That is why it’s no surprise that everybody from beginner kids, teens to adults wants to get one and start their skateboarding journey. But if you’re not that familiar with the scene or the sport, you could easily purchase something that might break prematurely or endanger your loved ones.

Do not worry. We can help you choose the best skateboard for beginners. Let’s take a look at some of the best beginner skateboards of 2022.

Best Beginner Skateboards

Our Top 5 Picks

Best Complete Skateboard for Beginners: [CCS] Skateboard Complete

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The very first pick in our list of best skateboards for beginners is the CCS Skateboard Complete. Thanks to the combination of durability, affordability, and quality accessories, it is now one of the best complete skateboards for beginners on the market. The Skateboard Complete comes in 17 vibrant colors, so you can pick one that goes with your liking and style.

The first thing we like about this skateboard is the deck. There are seven different combinations of deck length and width, so you can choose one that fits your needs.  The stunning graphics on the deck will surely catch everyone’s attention. You will be glad to know that its classic-shaped deck is made with 7-Ply maple wood. The deck components are also factory-tested and rider-approved; hence, it is completely safe for beginners.

Furthermore, the deck is equipped with good-quality metal trucks. The super high rebound polyurethane wheels are specially designed for street skating. In addition, the ABEC 7 bearings on the wheels ensure a smooth ride. So you can expect excellent performance in terms of surface gripping and rolling. The best part is CCS Skateboard Complete comes with a replacement guaranty, which is rare for beginner skateboards. With all that being said, we highly recommend this one as a complete starter skateboard.


  • It comes fully assembled, while the skate tool is a plus.
  • The grip tape used in the deck is excellent, hence gripping should not be a problem.
  • Although the CCS Skateboard Complete is quite sturdy and well made, it is also very lightweight.


  • The wheels mightn’t perform well on rough terrains.

Best Skateboard for Beginner Adults: Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

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Electric skateboards are growing in popularity in recent times. It is because e-skateboards come with the added speed of an electric motor and attractive features. If you are a thrill seeker, check out this premium electric skateboard from Meepo. Keeping in mind the beginners, it is designed in a way so that users can learn to ride very easily.

What users like most about this e-skateboard is how easy it is to operate. The upgraded version of the motor not just offers more speed but also quick acceleration. The seven layers Canadian Maple construction makes it sturdier than most boards on the market. Additionally, the board is water-resistant, moisture and dustproof to last long in harsh outdoor conditions.

The brakes are other key features of Meepo skateboards. They are easy to control using the remote. So new users can easily transition into or from a regular deck. Due to the PU wheels with shock absorption feature, the deck can minimize hard impacts ensuring a smooth riding experience. The extra durability and consistent performance make this e-skateboard perfect for beginners.

Finally, the PU wheels with shock absorption feature ensure a smooth riding experience. The skateboard has a blackish color along with the Meepo logo. Since it is a complete set, you will get all the tools that you might need for maintenance with the deck.

However, there were a few complaints about this electric skateboard. It seems the latest version is offering a lot better user experience. You might have already guessed that this one is costlier compared to others. Yes, it is a pricier skateboard, but it’s worth giving a try.


  • It has a sleek design, which makes cruising easier.
  • This skateboard is rated high by users for its high-quality accessories.
  • It offers excellent durability and performance, which practically makes it a good skateboard for adult beginners.


  • This skateboard is costlier than most beginner skateboards.
  • Though the set comes fully assembled, it might require some adjustments.

Best Beginner Skateboards

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

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Who doesn’t love light-up skateboards? Merkapa Complete Skateboard with colorful LED light-up wheels is one of the most popular beginner skateboards on Amazon.

Firstly, this is a very cute-looking skateboard with graphics and vibrant colors. The light-up wheels are a fun addition to this skateboard. What’s more? The light-up wheels don’t require any batteries or a charging system. They run on electricity generated from the rotary power of the wheels. Merkapa is a China-based outdoor sports and leisure brand. This is probably the reason the product costs nothing compared to its features. For the price point, you won’t find a better product with similar features in any retail outlet.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard has the right size and speed for beginners to learn skateboarding as fast as possible. It has a 22 inches and 6 inches wide deck, which is sturdy and offers excellent lateral flexion.

Merkapa has put extra importance on safety with its design. The LED lights on the wheels will stop working if the wheels are loose. Merkapa Complete Skateboard is also CE certified, which means it maintains industry-standard safety measures. Instead of using grip tape, Merkapa uses an anti-slip textured surface to provide excellent gripping.

This Merkapa Complete Skateboard is made of high-quality PP plastic, which makes it reliable for any terrain. Moreover, it has 60 x 45 mm sized PU wheels for better shock absorption and grip. The v-truck and base size is 3.2 inches and made of high-quality aluminum. The combination of all these makes it a complete beginner skateboard.


  • It offers great features at a very affordable price
  • Customers love the different colored light-up wheels
  • This skateboard has extra safety features, which makes it ideal for kid beginners


  • It’s smaller than the average beginner skateboard
  • It supports weight up to 180lbs, so not ideal for older kids and youth

MINORITY Maple Skateboard

MINORITY has been trying to design skateboards that are not only stylish and durable but, at the same time, fit for beginner riders. And they might have accomplished it in this model.

MINORITY Maple Skateboard is a classic, smart and versatile skateboard for beginners. Made from 100% 7-ply hard rock maple, the 32×8 inch Deck is pretty sturdy and feels comfortable. The 5-inch meal trucks offer additional strength to the deck that supports weight up to 220 pounds. It also comes with a carbon steel kingpin, 78A high rebound PU bushing, ABEC 9 precision bearings, and 52mm 102A PU wheels.

The epoxy glue construction offers the flexibility and durability a beginner rider needs. The deck is also quite spacious and easy to maneuver perfectly for practicing basic skills when someone is just starting.

It has solid trucks forged with genuine aluminum alloy and built with a chrome steel axle and rust-free hardware. The ABEC-9 bearings and the 23mm wheels reach max speed within three power paddles. This feature ensures maximum convenience.

It is built with environmental-friendly materials and comes in stylish designs.


  • Cool artsy designs
  • Eco-friendly build
  • Great value for money
  • Stable and comfortable for beginners
  • Nice bounce to it for basic tricks or stunts


  • The bearings and wheels are not top quality

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Here is a popular beginner skateboard from Krown. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard boasts about Canadian Maple construction, which makes the 7.5 x 31 Inch deck real compact and durable.

This skateboard’s measurement is perfect for kids as young as 5 years old but still has the size and durability to take on teenagers and even adults.

The first thing you may notice on this skateboard is its stylish flame design that comes in multiple colors. But that’s not what makes it perfect for beginners. There is more than just one reason for its popularity. It is lightweight in design, which means users can easily carry it around. The black grip tape offers much need stability and grip, so users can practice some of the basic but crucial fundamental skills.

In addition to the quality starter deck, the board also comes with heavy-duty aluminum 5.0 trucks and 52mm 99A high-rebound wheels. However, some users complained that the Abec-78 bearings that come with the set don’t roll on smoothly. Overall, it’s an industry-standard affordable skateboard for beginners.


  • Cool attractive design
  • Versatile size and shape
  • Great quality for the price
  • Perfect for beginners to learn some basic tricks or stunts


  • Low-quality bearings and bushings

Arcade Pro Skateboard

Rather than making skateboards that suit beginners first and seasoned riders next, Arcade has designed a skateboard for the pros that fulfills the needs of beginner riders as well. So if you level up your game in a short time, you won’t have to purchase another skateboard, as this one can already accommodate your needs.

The deck is made with 7-Ply maple, which is why the deck seems so durable and lightweight. The graphics on the deck is pretty cool. The deck is 31.25-inch wide, which is ideal for a beginner skateboard. Furthermore, the deck is equipped with T6 aluminum trucks, Abec-7 bearings, and 54mm PU wheels. 

As mentioned before, it has slightly larger 54mm inject PU wheels, which are great for adding stability to the board. It’s one of the cheapest skateboards for beginners. However, it has all the features needed for a beginner to start learning some tricks and stunts.

It also has colorways and designs that are perfect for all ages. The board has a good weight capacity of 220 pounds.


  • Built for all-terrain
  • Good size for all ages
  • Stable wheels and trucks
  • Versatile and stylish design


  • Wheels construction could use some improvement

Scientoy Skateboard

Scientoy is well-known for great quality water and building toys for toddlers and kids. However, they have a couple of skateboards that are not only affordable but also really good for beginner riders. They are built with meticulous specifications in mind. 

Scientoy Complete Pro Skateboard is full of amazing features. The best part of it is the aesthetically pleasing deck. Along with the bright colors, it is simply labeled with the brand name. Made from maple, the U-shaped transverse deck has a width of 8 inches and a length of 31.125 inches. 

The deck is fully covered by waterproof emery non-slip grip tape. Therefore, riders can ride it smoothly without worrying about losing their balance. Scientoy ensures a high level of durability when it comes to deck manufacturing. That is why they usually have a high weight capacity.

It’s a trusted brand by thousands of beginner and veteran riders, so you can be sure that this skateboard won’t disappoint you.


  • Quite durable
  • Trusted brand
  • Great starter skateboard 
  • Great quality for the price


  • A little heavier than average beginner skateboards

Other Recommended Beginner Skateboards

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Easy_Way Complete Skateboards

If you are looking for a well-made starter skateboard for beginner girls, check out this Easy_Way Complete Skateboard from the Sangde brand. It costs way less than the penny boards but still gets the job done.

For those who prefer a flexible, smooth ride, the Easy_Way Complete Skateboard is second to none. The board is created using 7-layer Maple Wood, which is key to the high flexibility and durability of this skateboard. The flex of the board helps to get a smoother ride when riding it.

The 31”x8” deck is lightweight and comes with multiple color options. The board comes with Abec-11 Bearings and 95A PU wheels, which are rated highly by most users. The lightweight aluminum trucks are very responsive and easy to adjust with the Free T-tool that comes with the set.

While it is not ideal for serious riders, it can help starters learn the ropes and get them ready for more complicated tricks later on. With the free carrying bag, backup bearing, and stickers, it surely offers a better value than most on the market.


  • Stable wheels
  • Fun for starters
  • Comfortable bounce
  • Attractive design and style


  • Not ideal for tricks and stuff

Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

We’re going old school with our next entry with the Meketec Mini Cruiser. Meketec Reto Skateboard has two distinct features. Let’s find them out.

First thing first, it is CE-certified. Safety should come first and foremost for beginner skateboards. Meketec keeps that in mind while designing their skateboards. The solid and sturdy deck is only 22.5 x 6-inch wide and has a 200lbs weight capacity.

Secondly, it also has a very kid-friendly design that will be liked by most kids. As the board is made of plastic, it weighs only 3.8lbs. The 78A PU wheels with ABEC-7 bearings of the board ensure a smooth ride for starters. 

Overall, it is a pretty well-built skateboard for the price. 


  • Nice design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Large stable wheels
  • Cruising skateboard works for any terrain


  • Designed only for small kids

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

This is a high-quality and affordable skateboard from KPC, and this Pro Skateboard Complete is more like a skateboard for teenagers and adult beginners rather than little kids. It is relatively comfortable and stable to ride but can also take the beating of more complicated tricks.

The board is well built, thanks to the Canadian maple construction. This KPC pro skateboard features a 7.75-Inch Deck covered with Black Grip tape and white 52mm Wheels along with precision speed Abec 7 bearings. It also has durable black Trucks made of Aluminum.

The trucks and wheels are what stood out to us. As they’re not only made from top-quality materials but are also quite stable for safe rides.


  • Great stability
  • Heavy-duty trucks and wheels
  • Larger model for teenagers and adults
  • Comfortable and fit for more complicated tricks


  • Grip top and bearings need improvement

Playshion Complete Skateboard for Kids and Beginners

Considering the size, design, and durability, the Playshion Complete Skateboard will be the right choice for beginners. It is specially designed to practice tricks or stunts in skate parks rather than cruising on streets. 

The Playshion skateboard measures 31×8 inches, and it’s sturdy enough to handle 220-pounds of weight – thanks to its 5-inch thick aluminum trucks. It also has responsive wheels made of resistant PU, which offer a smooth ride.

Anyway, it is a good quality yet affordable skateboard to teach balance and some of the other fundamentals needed for kids and youth beginners to mature into more serious skateboards. However, this can be super fun to ride for a first-timer.


  • Safe to ride
  • Sturdy build 
  • Compact design
  • Versatile and can fit any entry-level riders


  • Wheels are tighter than usual

Punisher Butterfly Jive Complete Skateboard

The last entry on our best skateboard for beginners list is the Punisher Butterfly Jive Complete Skateboard. The US-based company is known for its funky-designed skateboards for small kids, teenagers, and adults alike.

The board features a 7.75 x 31.5-inch deck. Along with the cool looks, the board is very sturdy, reliable – thanks to the 7-Ply Canadian Maple construction. 

Yes, the Punisher stands out for its stylish design, but that’s only the cherry on top as this one has a good quality deck that’s stable and comfortable enough for beginners to ride on. This board is specially designed for beginner girls. So if your daughter wants to hop on one, then this is the go-to brand and model for you.


  • Quality deck
  • Cool and attractive design
  • Stable and comfortable for starters


  • Bearings and wheels quality not as good as advertised

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Best Skateboards For Beginners

Questions & Answers

What are the best types of skateboards for beginners?

There are several types of skateboards for beginners— each one has its own unique feature and quality. To choose the right one for beginners, you should consider the age of the rider, safety, and design features of the board.

Longboard: Longboards are more massive in size and easier to control, and smoother to ride. They work best for downhill, long-distance running, and performing certain balancing tricks.

Cruiser: Cruiser skateboards are way shorter in size than longboards and have large, soft wheels. They are particularly meant for a shorter commute.

Mini-Cruiser: They are smaller than cruisers, lightweight, and stable.

How to choose the best skateboard for beginners

After you have decided what type of board you want, review the below factors before buying a beginner skateboard.


Size matters a lot when you’re talking about skateboards. For kids who are 5 to 7 years old – skateboards of 7” x 28” is ideal, and for kids who are 8 to 9 years old -skateboards of 7.25” x 29” should work best. For skate park users, skateboards of 8” to 8.25” are recommended, with the latter perfect for cruising.


The deck is super important as it is the part of the skateboard that we stand on. It accommodates most of the weight and is essential when doing stunts or tricks, whether in a park or on the road. Look for hardwood decks made from maple or birch, as they are quite durable and can take on a beating.

Shape and Design

Skateboards come in different shapes and designs. Skateboard brands try to design their decks as uniquely as possible to make them attractive to starters. Find a design that represents your personality and boosts your confidence when riding it.

The shape, on the other hand, depends on what type of skateboard you want to ride. The usual skateboard comes in concave shapes, while the longboards, shortboards, and popsicle boards come in varying shapes to suit specific rider styles.

Trucks and Wheels

The trucks and wheels of a skateboard determine its stability, comfort, bounce, even more importantly, its speed. For beginners, larger and softer wheels are the best types to ride on. They offer more stability, bounce, and comfort while learning basic tricks and stunts.

Avoid narrow trucks as a starter because they will be tougher to balance.

What are some beginner skateboarding tips?

Riding the first-ever skateboard poses some serious dangers to young skateboarders. So make sure that safety guidelines are followed properly.   

Regardless of age and experience, skateboarders should always wear proper protective gear to reduce the risk of serious injury.

Beginner skateboarders should learn to fall. This will improve their knowledge and reduce the risk of injury.

For a beginner, it is difficult to master how to stop a skateboard. As soon as they become well-versed in it, they can start skateboarding on the sidewalks and skate parks.

Final Thoughts

Riding a good quality skateboard ensures safety, durability, and a better overall experience for first-time users. Knowing what to look for is key to not let your investment go to waste. After all, the first skateboard is key to keeping your young skater interested in skateboarding.

There are many benefits to skateboarding. At the very least, skateboarding can help create fun memories, develop bonds with other people, and at the same time, stimulate creativity in a person. And most importantly, skateboarding offers clean fun when out on the tracks.

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