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10 Best Non-Inflatable and Non-Toxic Kiddie Pools in 2023

When you want to set up a kiddie pool either in your backyard or driveway, no doubt that it would be fun for your kids. Kiddie pools are even popular with adults who’d like to have fun and cool off in the summer heat.

Some are designed only for toddlers, while others allow all the family members to have fun. There are non-inflatables, whereas some are classic hard plastic kiddie pools.

With a wide variety of options in the market, making the right choice may feel overwhelming to you. In this review, we have compiled a list of the best non-inflatable kiddie pools of 2022. Let’s get started.

Non-Inflatable and Non-Toxic Kiddie Pools

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Non-Inflatable Kiddie Pool Intex Metal Frame Pool with Filter Pump

INTEX 28211EH 12ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool with Cartridge Filter Pump
5,299 Reviews
INTEX 28211EH 12ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool with Cartridge Filter Pump
  • EASY TO USE: An affordable pool that is an alternative to more complicated steel walled pools, and a...
  • WATER CIRCULATION: Dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water...
  • PUMP AND FILTER INCLUDED: Included 530-gallon-per-hour filter pump helps keep your water sparkling...

First on our list is a Metal Frame Pool from Intex, one of the best-seller kiddie pool brands on Amazon. The main reason why we made it our number one recommendation is the robustness, which allows fitting in the whole family comfortably. When you compare with others within the same price range, Intex is ahead of the pack.

There are many things that set this kiddie pool apart from its peers. It’s a 144-inch wide non-inflatable swimming pool made with high-quality PVC materials. What’s more. The materials used in this pool are BPA-free, stable, and rust-resistant. With the super-tough laminated PVC sidewall, the frame can hold around 1,718 gallons of water.

But what we like most is its unique and sturdy design as it resembles the color of the sea and waves. The bonus is the filter pump, which means that the cleaning process is smooth and painless. The base is secure and can withstand rough play and non-stop jumping of toddlers and kids.

The pool stays as a new brand since the colors do not fade even when exposed to water.


  • Plenty of room for summer family fun
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty construction
  • The pool is well-designed
  • Colors do not fade
  • It’s easier to set up
  • Weather-resistant


  • You might need to buy an extra pump as the pump that comes with it is not the top-notch

Best Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool Step2 Play & Shade Pool for Toddlers

Step2 Play & Shade Pool for Toddlers | Plastic Kids Outdoor Pool, Multicolor
2,564 Reviews
Step2 Play & Shade Pool for Toddlers | Plastic Kids Outdoor Pool, Multicolor
  • Features two molded-in seats in the shade and the designs molded-in to the bottom of the pool...
  • Relax in the shade of the included 40 in. (1.02 m.) umbrella that nests on the side of the pool!
  • Includes 3 funnel cups and a fun spinning water wheel that attach easily to the umbrella post for...

The Step2 Play & Shade Pool for Toddlers comes in a durable design, thanks to the thick hard plastic. This kiddie pool is a must-have summer water fun for kids. It will allow them to escape from the heat and have fun with siblings.

Everything in the package is meant to give them the ultimate summer fun experience. It features three funnel cups and a spinning water wheel for added fun. There is also a shade umbrella to keep your toddler safe. The pool base is of high-quality materials and has an anti-wear texture. Thus, it holds well and could save you money from buying a kiddie pool every year.

While your toddler is having endless fun, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your toddler. The design is safe for independent toddler play. However, the pool does have small parts and sections; hence it is not ideal for children under 3 years.

This pool allows the seating of two toddlers together. They will love the molded-in ocean creature designs and the toys attached to the pole.

This hard plastic kiddie pool frame is well built to guarantee fun during play. And it can hold up to 12 gallons of water. Finally, the pool comes pre-assembled hence you’ll have everything ready within seconds. This is the opposite of other kiddie pools that require accessories to set them up.


  • An all-inclusive package
  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality toys
  • Fun to play with
  • Cool design


  • The umbrella wears down fast

Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool with Slide Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool + Little Tikes Junior Play Slide

Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool - 5'X10' (Style May Vary)
6,603 Reviews
Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool - 5'X10" (Style May Vary)
  • Intex snapset pools offer fast and easy set up to provide relief from the summer sun

The third item on our list is the Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool. The combination of Little Tikes Junior Play Slide and Intex Snapset Pool will make this summer super enjoyable for your kids.  They can use the combo for climbing, sliding, and fun water games. That’s why we highly recommend this combo for active toddlers and kids.

The set is made of weather-resistant materials. Therefore, you can expect your investment will last some time. With a dimension of 60 x 60 x 10 inches, there will be enough space for one kid.

There is no assembly required. Due to the size of the set, you don’t need any extra help or tools to set it up. It’s easy to take down as well.

The only downside is the pool doesn’t have a great-quality base that can hold more than one kid at a time. Having said that, this is a worthwhile investment if you have one child.


  • Puncture-resistant material
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Multiple play options
  • All-weather design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy to store


  • The base seems flimsy but worth a try

Good Non-Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

Intex Mini Frame Pool

If your kids can’t wait to get back in the pool after a long wait, Intex Mini Frame Pool will help them start the summer season with a blast. From size to quality, the pool is perfect for toddlers and kids.

First and foremost, it comes in a size that is the perfect size for summer fun for kids. Secondly, the materials used in this pool are of high quality. From thick, puncture-proof to premium quality materials, this kiddie pool will bring your kids hours of fun. Having said that, this is also one of the most durable hard plastic kiddie pools that you can find on the market.

So, is it spacious enough to accommodate more than one child? Don’t worry about that. The pool is 4 feet long and 4 feet wide while having a base depth of 12-inch. The base is very stable when filled with water, so it’s safe for kids.

Setting up this kiddie pool is fairly quick and easy. Instead of wasting money on cheaply made plastic kiddie pools, get this one. We can ensure that you won’t regret buying this hard plastic kiddie pool.


  • Made from quality and safe materials
  • Nice kid-friendly design
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Without proper care, it may not last long

Jasonwell Foldable Bath Pool for Kids

Jasonwell bath pool is suitable for pool parties, especially for pets and kids. However, your child wouldn’t want to leave this pool even after the party has ended.

You’ll be glad to note that this kiddie pool is made of hard plastic and spacious enough to hold up to 2-3 kids. Although kids will love spending time in it during the summer, even adults can join in the fun.

The simple design allows easy setup with minimal effort. You don’t even require the user guide that comes with it to set it up. Since it’s a non-inflatable kiddie pool, there’s no hassle of inflation.

By the same token, this kiddie pool is made to last and consists of BPA-free, eco-friendly PVC materials. Indeed, you’ll be amazed by its stoutness.

Finally, it folds up easily for convenient storage. The water-filled base remains stable and wear-resistant. Even if you have a small backyard, you won’t regret buying it.


  • Easy setup 
  • High quality and durable
  • Spacious enough for family pool fun
  • Made of safe and eco-friendly PVC materials
  • Doesn’t leak water even when it is hot outside


  • Some users think it’s not as sturdy as they expected

H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange

What a better way to have a blast splashing around in the heat of summer than getting your kids the H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange. Pretty obvious, this pool sensational will bring the ultimate fun for your family on a hot summer day.

Getting the right kiddie swimming pool is not easy, taking into account some pools aren’t safe for kids. As luck would have it, this Bestway swimming pool is different since it’s made of heavy-duty PVC and polyester materials that are stronger and stable for durability. This pool comes in a kid-friendly design so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids.

Luckily enough, this kiddie pool is for everybody, both young kids and adults. The pool has four different built-in flow control drain valves that enable you to fill the pool or drain the water effortlessly. Therefore, you can easily clean it after a fun session with kids.

The UV-resistant shade protector provides sun protection for the whole family. Not only that, there is a water sprayer on the top of the shade for added fun and cooling down the pool water. You are at peace knowing that the rust-resistant, galvanized metal frame is guaranteed to last for years to come.


  • Have valves for ease of filling in the water
  • Made of high-quality PVC material
  • Ideal pool for both kids and adults
  • Super easy to set up
  • Doesn’t leak


  • The shade tent could be better

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond is a fun water activity table for kids and a perfect way to let the children enjoy splashing in the summer heat. This entertaining water table has versatile play options for more than a couple of kids at the same time.

The design has two-tier options- a playset and a playset with an umbrella. The material used in this water table is all-weather wicker and will last for years to come. Subsequently, the 13-piece accessory kit that comes with the table is sturdy enough to withstand the rough play of toddlers.

The outdoor environment can be harsh and to protect the water pool table, Step2 has used high-quality hard plastic free of chemicals. The removable plug in the base makes draining all the water super convenient. So you won’t face any problem with cleaning and storage.

The package comes with a rubber duck, frog, and fish toys to help little kids develop motor skills. There’s also a large bucket and a couple of cups. However, your children can bring their own toys to this table for extra fun.

Assembly is super easy and takes only minutes without the need for any tools or hardware. On a positive note, the set-up instructions are available with the package. When it comes to summer fun, the Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond will no doubt offer hours of fun for toddlers and older kids.


  • A lot of accessories for kids to play
  • High-quality product
  • All-weather materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile colors
  • Sturdy


  • Some users feel that the assembly process is somewhat frustrating

Other Recommended Non-Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Intex Round Prism Frame Pool Set

The Intex Round Prism Frame Pool Set is a cool-looking family pool party center that comes at a premium price. Everything about this pool set is great. It’s a perfect way to have some family fun, especially when the sun is scorching down. There are a lot of fun things kids can do. They can use it to play ring toss, shooting hoops, and more. However, for more fun with family and friends, we recommend the GoSports Splash Hoop along with it. 

The main reason why we chose to review this pool set is that it’s a perfect size for both kids and adults and sturdy enough to lounge in on a sunny day. When you compare it to other quality swimming pools, you’ll notice that difference.

The shape of the inflatable is uniquely made so that all the family members can have maximum fun. Therefore, your children will enjoy hours of fun in the backyard. This is a big removable ladder that brings extra fun to the play as it has a good weight capacity. 

The set-up process might take some time since it requires the use of an electric pump to fill it up with water. However, the instructions are straightforward and easy to understand.

The play center is made of sturdy material so that it can withstand heavy impact. In fact, when you compare it with other premium kiddie pool centers, this one is sturdier. We like the size and shape of the whole set that is capable of holding 4,440 gallons of water.


  • Capable of accommodating multiple kids at the same time
  • Different play options for toddlers and kids
  • Easy to follow the process for setup
  • Ideal for backyard summer fun
  • Cute design


  • It is an expensive option 

Bestway Steel Pro Above Ground Pool

Swimming in the pool or sea may be the first thing on your mind when the sun starts to shine brightly. However, setting up a swimming pool in your backyard can solve things very fast, and you will get to enjoy some of the best fun of the summer season with family and kids.

The Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool comes with a rust and corrosion-resistant design to protect the pool from harsh outdoor weather. Therefore, this one will last more than a couple of summers. 

Filling it with water isn’t a quick task since it can hold more than a thousand gallons of water. Once you fill it with water, you can have some fun of your life in your backyard with friends and family.

The Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool is made of thick heavy-duty PVC materials, which makes it quite durable. Due to the heavy-duty 3-ply PVC support band, you won’t face issues like water spillage. So, you can use it for an adult water party and use it for a kiddie pool as well. 


  • Sturdy base and stable frame 
  • It’s perfect for family fun
  • Safe design for kids
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s more like an adult pool

Intex Child Safe Splash Swimming Pool

The Intex Kids Child Safe Splash Swimming Pool will never allow your kids to get bored in the heat of this summer. With its strong, durable steel frames, it will transform your porch into a fun place to be for you and your children. It is designed to accommodate multiple kids at the same time. What’s more, it’s cheaper than most other Intex Kids Swimming Pool. 

However, don’t think it’s cheaply made. The frame is constructed with alloy steel, making it durable enough to last for years. Another great thing is that it is super easy to assemble, so you can get it ready within 30 minutes. So, your children don’t have to wait for hours before play. Just fill it with water, and it is all set for hours of unlimited fun.

This cool swimming pool comes with an instructional DVD for convenient setup and maintenance. Even though it holds up great in the sun, you should keep it indoors while not in use.

Lastly, storing this pool is super easy due to its compact design. The only downside is it doesn’t include any maintenance tools or accessories such as a liner, filter pump, or cover. Other than that, this is a good swimming pool for kids and family, especially for the price point. So, don’t hesitate to get one. We can ensure that your summer will be a lot more fun than you ever thought.


  • Great for the price
  • Available in different sizes
  • Comes with an instructional DVD
  • It has enough space for multiple kids and adult family members


  • It doesn’t include any maintenance tools 

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Best Non-Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Questions & Answers

Are kiddie pools safe for toddlers and kids?

Not all kiddie polls are safe for toddlers and kids. The best kiddie pools are specially designed, keeping the safety of children in mind.

Brands like Intex and Step2 design pools offer enhanced safety for young children. Their safe design will minimize a lot of your hassles. The use of high-quality materials, which provides additional safety protection for the kids. Other popular brands, such as Hogo and Bestway, also try to maintain a high standard when it comes to kiddie pools. So choose a swimming pool that is within your budget and liked by your children.

How can you make a kiddie pool more enjoyable?

Some kiddie polls come with additional toys and accessories to make them more fun. However, if your pool doesn’t come with extra toys or accessories, you can add some. We recommend you either go for a water pool volleyball set or a pool basketball hoop.

What features to look for in a kiddie pool?

There are some things you should consider before buying a kiddie pool.


The safety of the pool should be your first and foremost consideration. A high-quality kiddie pool should be made with high-quality PVC materials, but also has a stable base. Additionally, it should protect against wear and tear.


The size of the pool should also allow you to store it easily during the winter season. Also, don’t forget to check the numbers of kids that are allowed to play at the same time.


Assembly isn’t required for all kiddie pools. They usually come with a user manual for quick and easy assembling.


The budget is also an essential factor. Kiddie pools come in different shapes and sizes. So the price varies depending on the size of the pool. The inflatable pool for kids usually ranges from $75 up to several hundred dollars. There are plenty of cheap kiddie pools too. They can be bought as low as $20.

How to set up a pool for kids?

Setting up a kiddie pool isn’t that hard. There are a lot of videos and resources out there. Here is a good one.


One thing is certain; a kiddie pool is a good investment if you can make the right decision. If you live in an area where the summer season is hot usually, then a swimming pool will do the trick. We highly recommend the above-listed kiddie pools for fun with your little ones and family on the porch or in your backyard. These will offer a great way to cool off during the summer heat.

They are also budget-friendly options since they come at incredibly low prices, are easy to set up, and due to their longevity, some of them even last more than a couple of years. If you are looking for something beyond these listed above, check out our review of inflatable kiddie pools

We hope that our selection has answered all your concerns and now you can buy the best non-inflatable kiddie pools with confidence.

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