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12 Best Pregnancy-Safe Hair Dye in 2023

Just like others, pregnant women also have the right to make their hair look stylish. However, ladies often step backward when they hear that hair-styling products might contain harmful chemicals. The good news is hair-styling products, such as hair spray, highlights, dyes and gels, are considered safe during pregnancy. There are no reliable sources or studies that show chemicals in these products could affect the developing baby. However, some doctors suggest avoiding hair dye during the first trimester. Still, we recommend that you go with what your doctor says. 

No matter when you choose to dye your hair during pregnancy, it is imperative to choose a safe hair dye. That means your chosen hair dye during pregnancy should be free from toxic chemicals. If you feel uneasy, choose one from a pregnancy-safe hair dye brand. Let’s take a look at our list of best hair dyes for pregnant women.

Best Pregnancy-Safe Hair Dye

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Natural Hair Dye for Pregnancy: Hannah Natural 100% Pure Henna Powder

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If you are looking for a completely natural hair dye during pregnancy, go for the Hannah Natural 100% Pure Henna Powder. The product is manufactured in India, a well-renowned place for producing quality henna powder. 

The Hannah Natural Henna Powder contains only one ingredient, which is organic henna leaves extracted directly from henna tree leaves. The minimalist formula of Hannah Natural leaves hair shiny, soft, and smooth without causing any mess. As expected, the natural formula is free from harsh chemicals.

To provide a hassle-free at-home coloring experience, the package comes with a pair of gloves and a shower cap. Application is easy as you only need to properly mix the powder with warm water before applying it to your hair. One trick you can use to make your hair look lively and bold is by adding green tea to the mix. Your hair color might last three to six weeks, depending on how well you apply it. Overall, this non-toxic hair dye is a good alternative if you feel uncomfortable with tons of elements in hair coloring products.

Best Vegan Hair Dye for Pregnancy: Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorwash

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A cult favorite among hairdressers and created by legendary hair guru Leland Hirsch, Celeb Luxury’s 3-in-1 formula color wash is different from regular hair dyes. That’s because this vegan color wash isn’t only formulated with clean, plant-based ingredients but also serves multiple purposes.

Celeb Luxury’s Colorwash system helps cleanse while adding natural color to the hair at the same time. Apart from that, the unique formula helps keep your hair hydrated, smooth, and soft without any controversial or chemical ingredients often found in hair colors. So the formula is less likely to have any damaging effects on your healthy hair.

Users who tested the formula claim that it boosts and brightens the natural hair color. Besides, it leaves no greasy or oily feeling after washes. On top of that, the true-tone color will not fade away quickly. Therefore, your hair will look gorgeous and feel great throughout pregnancy.

Best Ammonia-Free Hair Dye for Pregnancy: Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

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Not all hair dye products get tons of compliments, even from first-time users. Enter the Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye. Available in a wide array of beautiful shades, it’s intended to make your hair vibrant and shiny without harsh chemicals often found in hair dyes such as ammonia, peroxide, or PPD.

Made of high-quality, vegan ingredients, the semi-permanent hair dye can turn your dull hair into shiny, healthier-looking hair. But what about its lasting power? 

You won’t find many hair dye brands that can keep your hair color vibrant and true as long as Arctic Fox. Isn’t it great, considering you are pregnant and hesitant to dye your hair regularly?

Moreover, it is relatively easy to apply and hassle-free. You are likely to experience a sweet, fruity scent when using it to color your hair. Also, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that it doesn’t cause any scalp itchiness. It is not hard to see why the product has more than sixty thousand reviews on Amazon.

Pregnancy-Safe Hair Color

Rated Highly by Parents and Experts

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Revlon Root Erase Permanent Hair Color

Want to turn your messy and unattractive hair into something stylish? Check out Revlon Root Erase Permanent Hair Color. This hair coloring product can quickly change your hair root to match your hair color. Using this product is super easy since it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Even it comes with a hair coloring brush for hands-free application.

You might feel irritated if the hair color takes a lot of time to dry up. Revlon Root Erase Permanent Hair Color takes only 5 minutes to show the results, thanks to its unique formula. Unlike many drugstore hair dyes, it has a clean, vegan formula yet works excellent at covering gray hair. Besides, the formula doesn’t have an overpowering smell to make you feel uncomfortable while applying it.

The best thing about this hair dye is that its ammonia-free creamy formula is more on the natural side. Plus, it comes from a trustworthy brand, so a good choice for pregnant women. 

Wella Light Natural Brown Demi Permanent Hair Color

WELLA Color Charm is a famous name in the cosmetic industry for producing high-quality hair color and styling products. Wella Demi Permanent Hair Color is a great option if you want to add richness to your grey hair and give it a glossier look.

Formulated without parabens, ammonia, or PPD, the hair coloring agent helps highlight your hair color a little while also protecting it. Even better? The formula has fade-resistant properties. The color fades slowly into your natural roots after several washes. 

Moreover, Wella utilizes Cremefuse technology to give your hair a lively and smooth tone. You can use this affordable hair dye cream for multiple purposes, including gray blending, toning, and refreshing color. However, your hair might look a little darker than expected with this one.

Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Adore is such a well-known brand for producing hair coloring products for decades. The Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color is designed to add rich color to your hair without damaging it.

Thanks to the toxin-free formula, the hair color is safe yet works well for most hair types during pregnancy. Since there are more than 50 shades, you will easily find a perfect color match for your hair. Applying the dye is super simple. Not just the color lasts a long time; it also leaves your hair soft and full of shine.

Unlike many drugstore hair dye brands, Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color doesn’t trigger sudden hair fall because it is free from harsh chemicals like peroxide and ammonia. You will be glad to know that the dye doesn’t contain any pungent smell, so you are less likely to experience skin itchiness or allergic reactions.

Lime Crime Unicorn Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

This Lime Crime hair dye is great for pregnant women who are looking for a chemical-free hair dye to amp up their existing color. Ammonia, bleach, and peroxide-free, Lime Crime claims that it is pretty much non-toxic and safe for pregnancy. There are good reasons to believe that.

First of all, it smells and works differently than chemical hair dyes. Even if it ends up staining everything, you won’t face any issue getting everything clean. Also, it comes in different shades to match your preferences. You won’t easily find these shades in stores. Even you get them at a better deal on Amazon than traditional stores.

However, you need to follow the right steps to get salon-like results. One reviewer suggests that it works best on clean, non-conditioned hair.

Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color

Yes, you can even try permanent hair color during pregnancy. Not all permanent hair dyes contain toxic chemicals. For example, this dermatologist-tested hair dye from Schwarzkopf is designed to provide decent gray coverage without ammonia, silicone, and alcohol.

You will be impressed with the gray coverage as well as its lasting power, thanks to quality ingredients like botanical oat milk and soy protein. Also, Schwarzkopf Simply Color is enriched with conditioning agents like argan oil that work as a hair conditioner. The conditioning agents impact how your hair will look from root to tip.

You can also use it as an ultra-gentle alternative to traditional hair dyes since it is free from skin irritants like PPD and PTD. No wonder why many famous beauty bloggers recommend this hair dye for its impressive results without toxic chemicals.

Recommended Pregnancy-Safe Hair Dye Brands

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Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

If you are tired of using all of those damaging hair dyes, it is time to try the Naturtint Permanent Hair Color. This cruelty-free, vegan hair dye is made from high-quality ingredients to ensure 100% safety for your healthy hair.

Thanks to all the plant-based ingredients like olives and meadowfoam seed oil, the permanent hair color works great on grey roots. Apart from giving vibrant, long-lasting grey coverage, the color also helps nourish and moisturize your hair. So your hair feels softer and shinier without any foul odor.

Needless to say, the hair color is free from ammonia, parabens, artificial fragrance, sulfates, and similar chemicals. Also, the unit comes in 32 mixable shades at a great price. However, the formula contains 1% or less of p-phenylenediamine (PPD), so make sure to start with a sensitivity test.

Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel

Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel is another hair color with a natural and gentle formulation. But what makes this hair dye stand out from the rest? Comes in a variety of colors; the hair gel is made with organic herbal ingredients such as Aloe vera, Betula alba, and Witch hazel. 

Like Naturtint Hair Color, the Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel provides good results with no harsh additives like PPD, parabens, ammonia, and gluten. Apart from providing good grey coverage, it can help restore the natural look of your hair. What makes it more appealing is that you can mix multiple colors to create a unique yet salon-quality hair color from the comfort of your home.

The brand claims this eco-friendly hair color gel doesn’t have alcohol or artificial fragrances. Also, it’s tested safe for individuals with sensitive skin.

Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye

If you are looking for a hair dye with good coverage, even for the most stubborn gray hair, then the Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye is a good pick. With this vegan, 6-free formula, you can easily transform your dull hair into a mesmerizing one.

From a bright purple haze color to warm-toned ultraviolet, you can choose from 50 different shades. You can experiment with different shades without the fear of damaging your hair. The hair dye is hassle-free to use. For vibrant and long-lasting color, you need to allow the dye to sit in your hair for a few hours.

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner

This one is our last pick on this list of pregnancy-safe hair dyes, but who knows, it may turn into the best one for you! Check out this safe all-natural hair dye from Light Mountain.

Excellent at covering gray hair, the natural hair color also helps nourish and condition your vibrant color without causing any damage. Using this product is worry-free since it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients. Moreover, the unit comes with an instruction manual for first-time users.

For smooth application, use a brush to apply the hair dye and wait for 25-30 minutes before washing to get a gorgeous look. However, it is best to start with a sensitivity test if you have sensitive skin.

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Safe Hair Dye During Pregnancy

Questions & Answers

Is it safe to dye hair while pregnant?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, hair dye is likely safe during pregnancy. Researchers have found that chemicals used in both semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not highly toxic. Therefore, they don’t pose a risk to a developing fetus. Still, you should be cautious while choosing a hair dye product during pregnancy. That’s why OB-GYNs often advise pregnant women to wait until they pass their second trimester.

What are some best pregnancy-safe hair dye brands?

There are a lot of high-quality hair dye brands in the market. Make sure your hair dye comes from a well-known brand. Below are some of the best brands that make hair dye products for pregnant women. 

  • Hannah Natural
  • Celeb Luxury
  • Naturtint

How can you dye your hair at home when pregnant?

If you want to dye your hair at home during pregnancy, you should follow some safety precautions:

  • While dying your hair at home, wear gloves
  • Don’t leave the dye on longer than product directions
  • Thoroughly rinse your scalp with a pregnancy-safe shampoo 

If you’re concerned about a specific ingredient in your hair products, discuss the matter with your healthcare provider. 


As long as you are practicing precaution and not overindulging, you can continue dyeing your hair during pregnancy. Going for organic or natural hair dyes is definitely a safer option. But that doesn’t mean they are entirely free from questionable ingredients.

The above list can be an excellent place to start when looking for a few safe hair dye brands during pregnancy. Hopefully, you will be able to pick a reliable and effective one to color your hair. So why not treat yourself in a better way with some vibrant color when you have a chance to do it.

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