Baby-Safe Paints

6 Baby-Safe Paints for Cribs and Nursery in 2023

Most often, parents would love to improve the appearance of their baby’s nursery, which includes a co-sleeper cribnursing chair or gliderbaby dresser, and more. Painting is one approach that can enhance the color and match the nursery room’s décor. However, the challenge comes in deciding the right product that’s safe for your baby. Some of the most common products include water-based and natural paints. These paints are usually labeled as non-toxic or Zero-VOC and are safe for use on your baby’s crib, nursery walls, and furniture.

When choosing, you want to be sure that your selected paints don’t contain VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) or ultra-low in VOCs. If you’re looking for baby-safe paints for cribs, look no further. Here we have a comprehensive review to enable you to choose. Read on.

Baby-Safe Paints for Cribs and Nursery

Rust-Oleum Ultra-Matte Paint

Rust-Oleum, Serenity Blue 285139 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Watercolor Paint 30 oz, 30 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
34,499 Reviews
Rust-Oleum, Serenity Blue 285139 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Watercolor Paint 30 oz, 30 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • Use on a variety of interior surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic, canvas and easily distress to...
  • Low-odor, latex formula allows for easy clean up with soap and water
  • Dries to the touch in just 30 minutes and covers up to 150 sq. ft.; one-coat coverage allows...

When shopping for paints, consider a zero-VOC or non-toxic paint that’s safe for you and your baby. Thankfully, Rust-Oleum paint is a baby-friendly product with wide application in various surfaces such as canvas, wood, and metal. You can apply it to your baby’s crib to produce an antique appeal.

The best thing about this paint is that it is odorless and gentle on your baby; therefore, it won’t cause any irritation. It’s easy to clean, and you only need water and mild soap. The soap dries quickly, and only one application is needed to produce a velvet finish. Likewise, it has high-quality adhesion and, therefore, will create long-lasting results. 

If you prefer spray paint, then you can try the Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint

Chalky Chicks | Chalk Finish Paint

Chalky Chicks Premium Chalk Style Paint for Furniture, Home Decor & DIY Crafts – Eco Friendly – No Sanding, No...
2,241 Reviews
Chalky Chicks Premium Chalk Style Paint for Furniture, Home Decor & DIY Crafts – Eco Friendly – No Sanding, No...
  • PREMIUM CHALK STYLE PAINT: Our Chalk Style Paint provides Superior coverage to paint most surfaces,...
  • FURNITURE, CABINETS & MORE- Chalk Style Paint developed and used for furniture, cabinets, upholstery...
  • VERSATILE PAINT - Designed for distressed styles as well as modern contemporary styles. Little to no...

Chalky Chicks is a kid and indoor-friendly paint available in 44 different color mattes. You can pick a color that will blend with your nursery décor. In addition, it’s a ready-mix formula that you can use without much preparation. You only need to apply one or two maximum coatings to get an excellent cover. The final result will be a gorgeous, smooth finish.

Versatile, you can apply this paint on different surfaces and hence a good value for money. For example, you can use it on wood, stone, walls, laminate surfaces, and more. Therefore, you’ll need only one coat to achieve an opaque and thick formula.

For your peace of mind, you’ll be glad to note that this kid-friendly paint has low VOCs. What this means is that it’s safe for your baby. Therefore, you can give your search for safe baby paints a rest.

Shabby Chic Chalk Paint

Shabby Chic Chalked Furniture Paint: Luxurious Chalk Finish Furniture and Craft Paint for Home Decor, DIY Projects,...
12,081 Reviews
Shabby Chic Chalked Furniture Paint: Luxurious Chalk Finish Furniture and Craft Paint for Home Decor, DIY Projects,...
  • INTERIOR DESIGN: The term ‘shabby chic’ boasts ‘the beauty of imperfection’, that’s what...
  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: Great coverage saving you time and money. Long-lasting durability,...
  • CHALK BASED (Not Chalk Paint): Shabby Chic is a chalk based paint. Specifically formulated to create...

If you’re looking for non-toxic paint to paint the baby crib and other furniture in the nursery, you can consider Shabby Chick Chalk paint to create a cool decorative look on the nursery furniture and walls. It is a water-based paint and easy to use. It comprises non-toxic material and, therefore, a safe choice for a baby’s nursery.

There are different colors you can choose depending on your unique preferences. Also, you can select a color that will match the baby’s room décor. Indeed, there are at least 37 varieties that feature metallic and matte finishes.

You’ll enjoy applying this paint since it is extremely smooth and adheres very well on any surface. You can refurbish anytime you want a fresh look to your baby’s crib. Even better, you can apply the paint on the dresser and vanity without using an undercoat or even priming.

We love the versatility of this paint as it can work on various mediums such as wood, brick, metal, and plastic. Finally, it’s also useful on plaster surfaces for an impressive look.

Country Chic Chalk Style Paint

Chalk Style Paint - for Furniture, Home Decor, Crafts - Eco-Friendly - All-in-One - No Wax Needed (Crinoline [Off...
10,898 Reviews
Chalk Style Paint - for Furniture, Home Decor, Crafts - Eco-Friendly - All-in-One - No Wax Needed (Crinoline [Off...
  • All-in-One: Our DIY paint contains built in primer and top coat to paint almost any surface, indoor...
  • Quality You Can Trust: Respected manufacturer with over 80 years experience; amazing adhesion; great...
  • Paint for Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets & More: Formulated for furniture, home decor, kitchen...

Country Chic’s Chalk Style Paint is a chalk-based option and one of the most premium paints that comes at a fair price. However, one thing that stands out about this paint is it’s safe and comprises 100% natural, eco-friendly ingredients. In addition, the ultra-low VOCs on the ingredients shouldn’t worry you as it’s certified safe as per European Toy Safety Standards.

Therefore, it’s safe for your baby, and this you can apply on the crib and other types of furniture as well. Compared to other chemical-based paints, it scores high points since it gives a beautiful satin finish without toxic chemicals.

Another reason we choose this paint is that it’s easy to use and you can apply it directly to your walls. Additionally, it works well on wood, plastic, varnish, metal, and other surfaces. The best part is that you don’t have to sand or prime as it has excellent adhesive properties, thanks to the built-in primer and topcoat. It also dries quickly, and therefore there won’t be a disruption in nursery arrangements.

The paint is also excellent for multi-purpose uses such as craft and art projects. For a fantastic appeal, you can alternate different colors. Overall, the Country Chic’s Chalk Style Paint is your best bet if you’re looking for something to enhance the appearance of your furniture, redesign, woodworking, and home décor.

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 01 Snow
7,542 Reviews
Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 01 Snow
  • GREAT RESULTS - Superior coverage, usually 1 to 2 coats with Amazing adhesion to a wide variety of...
  • FURNITURE, CABINETS & MORE- Formulated specifically for furniture, cabinets & home decor; can be...
  • INTERIOR / EXTERIOR- Works great for interior and exterior projects alike. For exterior projects,...

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint is one of the most user-friendly paint on our selection list. There are various reasons behind picking this baby-safe acrylic paint. First of all, it’s made with your baby and nursery environment in mind. The water-based formula is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odorless, and gives a beautiful finish. The paint comes in a liquid solution; thus, you can easily apply it using a brush or spray paint to the crib, other nursery furniture, and toys.

Another reason most users love this paint is the fact that it dries fast, giving great coverage. In addition, a little goes a long way. Therefore, it will give a good value and last many days. Overall, this paint is incredibly versatile, and you don’t have to put in much effort to create an elegant appeal in your baby’s room.

soto Multi-Purpose Paint Touch Up

soto White Paint Touch Up, Multi-Surface, Satin Finish (No. 01 Perfect White) - 1.5 Ounces/45 Milliliters of...
6,398 Reviews
soto White Paint Touch Up, Multi-Surface, Satin Finish (No. 01 Perfect White) - 1.5 Ounces/45 Milliliters of...
  • COLOR CHART - 24 Shades Available - Get your sample Color Chart at our GetSoto store in advance of...
  • MULTI-SURFACE TOUCH UP - Satin (Low gloss) finish formula is the perfect scratch cover solution for...
  • ULTRA DURABLE - Multi-surface touch-up paint for use on walls, trim and molding, doors, cabinets,...

If you are looking for something different from the paints listed above, check out soto Multi-Purpose Paint Touch Up. It is a water-based paint that only requires small touch-ups for the best results. In addition, it’s almost odorless to keep the nursery air quality healthy.

Further, it’s top-quality paint with excellent adhesion characteristics. You can use this multi-purpose paint to make minor improvements to the appearance of any interior or outdoor surfaces. You can also apply it to the baby’s crib and other furniture in the nursery. Additionally, it is suitable for other areas such as doors, cabinets, shutters, and windows. Therefore, it offers a good value for money.

Application is hassle-free, and it only takes a few minutes to dry. Overall, it is a safe paint you can use in your baby’s room.

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Mom-To-Be’s Guide for Choosing Baby-Safe Paints

How to Choose Safe Paints for Baby Crib and Nursery

Go for Zero VOCs Paint

When shopping for baby-safe paints, it’s vital to pay key attention to the composition of the ingredients by quickly scanning through the label. Before you buy the paint, look at the MSDS sheet that highlights the composition of the paint. Ensure the paint has Zero or near-zero VOCs, which are toxic compounds that are harmful to you and your baby. VOCs or Volatile Organic compounds are released into the environment and are mainly found in paint and other adhesives.

VOCs are harmful and can cause skin irritation. As well, there are some long-term effects associated with exposure to VOCs, such as organ damage and headaches. Therefore, you want to be sure that the product you buy is free of VOCs. Likewise, the VOC content in color should be negligible. Know that darker paints usually have more VOCs.

If you’re expecting a baby, enlist the services of a professional painter to help with the paint job. Also, paint the room a few days before the baby’s arrival.

If painting the baby’s crib after your baby’s arrival, we recommend that you move the baby to another room for several days. Also, ensure there’s maximum circulation of air inside by keeping the windows open. You can also use an air purifier for the baby’s room.

Choose Natural Paint Products

You can also choose natural paint products whose ingredients are naturally sourced. For example, you can consider soy oils, lime, chalk, linseed, and citrus as they are safe for you and your baby. However, it’s worth noting that several natural paints have VOCs, and therefore, you need to do proper research before picking one. Typically, water-based paints are non-toxic, natural since most people have been using them for many years since they have near-zero levels of VOCs.

Natural vs. Zero-VOCs Paint Products

Quite too often, you may be at a crossroads wondering whether to buy a natural or Zero VOC paint. The best thing is to weigh the options by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Zero VOCs paints are safe when compared to conventional products. However, they’re not absolutely safe as they may still contain some toxic elements. On the other hand, natural paints are safe, but some ingredients may still harbor VOCs. However, consult with an expert when you are unsure.

Think About Your Baby’s Allergies

When shopping for the safest paint to use on your baby’s crib or other furniture in the baby’s room, it’s vital to think about the possibility of allergies. Therefore, it’s ideal to go for hypoallergic and odorless paint.


From our review, your child’s safety is paramount when choosing baby-safe paints. Our research assembled only those products that we consider safe to use and are environmentally friendly. One thing that we highly considered is the VOC level in the paint. Other notable things we considered include ease of application and thickness. Of course, the product should deliver the best value for money. Hopefully, you can now choose the best baby-safe paints effortlessly.

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