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10 Best Pregnancy Body Pillows for Back and Hip Pain in 2023

For most women, pregnancy comes with a lot of surprises. If it’s not a painful back, shoulders, or neck, then it’s swollen legs. It becomes harder to manage a peaceful sleep at night, especially during the third trimester. This is when a pregnancy body pillow can be a life-saver for expecting moms. Not just they deliver comforting support during sleep and help relieve the body from pregnancy-related pain or discomforts, you can also use these versatile body pillows while nursing your baby.

Unfortunately, there are many varieties on the market, and it can be challenging to choose one that suits your needs. At the end of the day, you’ll want a top-quality pillow for better sleep during pregnancy. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you and have assembled some of the best pregnancy body pillows out there. Let’s take a look.

Pregnancy Body Pillows

Our Top 3 picks

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow, Grey U-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support - Support for Back, Hips, Legs,...
79,066 Reviews
Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow, Grey U-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support - Support for Back, Hips, Legs,...
  • Our U shaped body pillow helps support your back, hips, knees, neck, and head to help ease...
  • The pregnancy pillow features a detachable extension that can be used as its own full body pillow,...
  • This maternity pillow measures 53" inches long, 31" inches wide, and 7" inches high, making this the...

The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is one of our highly recommended pregnancy-safe sleep aids. It comes in a U-shaped design to provide the best support to your entire body from the back, head, to legs for a restful sleep night. With this pillow, you’ll get relief from many physical discomforts that usually come with pregnancy, such as sciatica, hip, and back pains.

Another reason we love this pillow is the removable extension which makes it very versatile. You can use it to support your entire body or different parts, such as the belly and back. The pillow is generously big and features an overall dimension of 53x31x7 inches to offer comforting support to the whole body. Another reason to consider this pillow is that it’s super soft and is made of high-quality material that will last many days. It’s machine washable and therefore easy to clean.

Like many pregnant women, this body pillow could be a game-changer for you. Keeping expecting moms in mind, PharMeDoc made sure their body pillows are chemical-free and free from harmful toxins that may put your health or that of your baby at risk.

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillows

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillows, U Shaped Full Body Pillow for Sleeping Support, 55 Inch Maternity Pillow for Pregnant...
30,090 Reviews
QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillows, U Shaped Full Body Pillow for Sleeping Support, 55 Inch Maternity Pillow for Pregnant...
  • Cuddle Body Pillow: QUEEN ROSE U shaped body pillow is specially enhanced the belly and back...
  • Farewell to Body Pains: Our pregnancy pillow adapts exceptionally well to your body fits your body...
  • Ideal for Side Sleepers & Expected Moms: Maternity pillows provide spinal alignment and correct...

Queen Rose pregnancy pillow is a premium body pillow in this list and a favorite option for pregnant women seeking relief from hip pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, or sciatica. This U-shaped body pillow is soft and cozy to help you sleep better at night and relax during the day.

The first thing we love about this pillow is that you can use it well beyond the pregnancy period, thanks to its thoughtful design. Likewise, it has a shape that supports your entire body by hugging you all around. So you can say goodbye to nightly tossing and turning.

Since Queen Rose pregnancy pillows have relatively softer material, you’ll like immersing into a comforting night’s sleep with this pillow. Apart from pregnancy sleep support and pain relief, you can also use it for watching movies, reading, and nursing your baby.

Further, this versatile body pillow is easy to take from one place to another. With an overall measurement of 55 x 31 x 7 inches, you can never go wrong by choosing Queen Rose’s pregnancy pillow.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Pharmedoc The CeeCee Pillow Pregnancy Pillow C-Shape Full Body Maternity Pillow (Grey Jersey Cover)- Support for...
52,461 Reviews
Pharmedoc The CeeCee Pillow Pregnancy Pillow C-Shape Full Body Maternity Pillow (Grey Jersey Cover)- Support for...
  • 🏆 [The Ultimate Body Pillow] - C-shaped body pillows design replaces need for multiple bed...
  • ✔️[Multi Purpose Pregnancy Pillows] - Adjustable polyfill material adapts to your belly and back...
  • 🔰[3rd Trimester Pains?] Our full body pregnancy pillow can help ease you into a better sleep,...

It’s another full-body maternity support pillow from PharMeDoc. However, it’s a little different than the previous one in terms of design. While the other pillow was a U-shaped full body pillow, this one is a C-shaped full body pillow that offers full support for your body. This pillow comprises 45% polyester, 45% cooling nylon, and 10% spandex. This combination makes it a soft, supportive, excellent quality pregnancy pillow that any pregnant woman will love.

The best thing about this pillow is that it feels perfect for any height. The polyfill material remains soft yet supportive regardless of the shape of your body. It’s pretty versatile, and you can use it to support your entire body, back, or other parts. What’s more? It provides an excellent cushion for pregnant women and any patient needing relief from pain because of surgery or injury.

This pillow comes in a sleek design with an overall measurement of 53*31*7 inches. Therefore, it fits well with any standard-sized bed. Like the previous one, the cover is machine washable for quick cleanup. Lastly, it offers good value for money since you can use it when breastfeeding your bundle of joy and well beyond postpartum.

Pregnancy Body Pillows

Highly Rated by Parents and Experts

INSEN Pregnancy Pillow

INSEN Pregnancy Pillow is one of the best C-shaped body pillows on the market. It comes in an overall dimension of 58x28x7.8 inches. Therefore, you can expect  whole-body support while sleeping. It fits perfectly with your body shape, and you can use it for various purposes such as reading, nursing, and watching TV.

For pain relief during pregnancy, the INSEN Pregnancy Pillow will be your best ally. Also, it’s a versatile pillow that other people can use to get relief from the pain associated with several conditions such as gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, and sciatica.

You will like the quality of this pillow, which consists of a premium-fiber filling material that is super soft and gentle. Therefore, it’ll ensure maximum comfort whether you sleep or relax. Another thing to add is the cover that comes with the pillow is soft and breathable. Additionally, the cover is easy to clean; all you need to do is toss the cover into the washing machine.

Another reason expecting moms love this pillow is that they can adjust sleeping positions to suit their needs. For instance, you can relax when watching TV or use it to support your legs and relieve swelling. Overall, we recommend this pillow since it is affordable and offers full-body support for pregnant women.

Meiz Pregnancy Pillow

We choose the Meiz pregnancy pillow for several reasons. First of all, it features a U-shaped design that contours to the shape of the body. Therefore, you can stretch your body for optimal support on either side. Further, this body pillow is elegantly designed, and you can gift your friend or loved one on any occasion.

Indeed, you’ll enjoy every moment of your motherhood journey whether you look forward to better nighttime sleep or a relaxing me-time. With this comfortable pillow, your “me-time” will feel emotionally and mentally healing. As an all-in-one multifunctional pillow, it offers head-to-toe support. However, it’s ideal to consult with your doctor before choosing back or stomach sleeping during pregnancy.

Also, we love the fact that this pillow can offer relief to patients suffering from sciatica pain, leg swelling, and pain in the back. It’s a small investment you can make to improve your relaxation and sleep quality. It is no wonder why many users think it’s a pregnancy must-have.

AngQi Pregnancy Pillow

AngQi pregnancy pillow comes in a special design that incorporates a U shape in combination with high-quality cotton to offer the best support during pregnancy. It’s bouncy yet firm and will offer a good night’s rest during pregnancy.

Say goodbye to multiple pillows to support different parts of your body, AngQi pregnancy pillow contours to the shape of your body and supports your neck, head, back, and hips. Also, it can offer relief from pregnancy-related aches and pains. Therefore, this makes it an excellent choice for pregnant women.

You’ll enjoy the versatility of this pillow which makes it suitable to support different sleeping positions. You can also use it when relaxing and watching TV.
The quality of the outer cover is top-notch and machine washable. Also, the double zipper allows you to easily remove the cover for a quick cleanup. 

If you have allergies, you’ll be at peace knowing that this pillow doesn’t have chemicals and is made of 100% polyester and cotton materials.

Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow

Even though Pregnancy Support Pillows from Boppy aren’t as popular as their newborn loungers, it’s worth checking out if you want a pregnancy body pillow that doesn’t take up your whole bed. With this pillow, you don’t have to worry about space since it features a compact design. Therefore, it will take less space on your bed, yet you’ll have a comfortable night’s rest.

During pregnancy, women are highly discouraged from sleeping on their back because of the baby’s excess weight. For this reason, many pregnant women prefer the Boppy pregnancy support pillow to use throughout the pregnancy. If you have a pregnancy checklist, it should be one of the first items to consider.

The first credit goes to the unique shape that makes it a favorite for side sleepers. Additionally, it’s a comfortable pillow that also offers maximum support on your entire body from the back, belly, legs, head, and neck.

You’ll enjoy using this pillow since it’s soft, fluffy, and versatile. You can use it when you’re lounging or relaxing as you watch your favorite TV shows. You can also use it after delivery when nursing your little one. Cleaning the pillow cover is easy since it’s machine washable.

Other Recommended Pregnancy Body Pillows

Utopia Bedding Soft Body Pillow

If you want to buy a pregnancy body pillow without breaking the bank, you can consider Utopia bedding soft body pillow. While all the above-reviewed pregnancy body pillows are either C or U-shaped, this one is totally flat. With such a compact design, you can use it to support your shoulders, hips, abdomen, and back.

Filled with polyester fiber, the pillow feels super-soft yet offers excellent support when you’re sleeping. You will also like the quality of the cover, which is made with a cotton blend. That’s why the pillow feels comfy yet amazingly durable. With double-stitched edges, the longevity is well reinforced. Therefore, there’s no chance of tearing on the side of it.

Cleaning for the pillow is easy, and you can spot clean it with water and mild soap to wipe off dirt or any stains. During pregnancy, you want to be sure that the products you’re using are safe. Thankfully, this pillow is made of natural products with no chemical additives at all.

Another reason we choose this pillow is that it’s versatile. People with back problems can benefit from using it. Likewise, you can use it for support when you are nursing your baby or as a throw pillow in the living room when relaxing on the couch. This pillow comes at an affordable price and measures 7.5×12.1×17.3 inches.

Milliard U Shaped Body Pillow

If you are still searching, the Milliard U-shaped body pillow might be what you need to achieve a comfortable night’s rest. It can support the entire body from the arms, legs, back, belly, and head, thereby relieving you from pain and aches that often accompany pregnancy.

It is designed in a way so that you feel comfortable when you are sleeping, nursing your baby, reading a book, or watching TV. On the same note, people with back pain or recovering from injury will find this pillow very supportive.

The pillow is easy to adjust. Even better, it is lightweight, so you can position it to suit your needs. The top cover is soft and will feel super cozy on your skin. Something else about this pillow is that it’s safe and has no funny chemical smells or allergens. It’s budget-friendly and a good value for money. Overall, we highly recommend this pillow for pregnant women looking for quick relief from pregnancy discomforts.

Bambi Nursing Pillow

Bambi nursing pillow is a multipurpose pillow you’ll find immensely supportive during pregnancy and when nursing. It offers the best deal for your money since it comes with a multipurpose design.

This pillow offers support to your body and offers the best relief to your arms as well as your back. You can relax on the pillow at night and also in the living room as you watch the TV. Once your baby arrives, you can use it as a baby nest. You’ll also enjoy using it to support you and your little bundle when nursing the baby.

Cleaning this pillow is incredibly easy, and you don’t have to worry about dirt or stain. You can wash it in a washing machine, and the pillowcase is easy to remove using the zipper. However, some users claimed that it flattens out quickly, and the pillowcase is poorly made. Overall, it’s an elegant pillow that you can gift your loved ones.

How to Use Body Pillow During Pregnancy

Back and stomach sleeping isn’t ideal during pregnancy since these sleeping positions might cause issues for you and your unborn baby. Most OB/GYN aggress that left-side sleeping is the best position for pregnant women. Here is a video on how to position your pillows for maximum comfort during pregnancy. 


There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a pregnancy body pillow. It should be high quality and should deliver great support throughout pregnancy. Additionally, it should feel comfortable and offer support to all body areas from the head, back, shoulders, belly, to knees. Our review might seem long and exhaustive if you are already a sleep-deprived expecting mom. If you don’t want to go through each of our recommended product reviews, we suggest that you buy one from PharMeDoc. We hope that our review helped find you the best pregnancy body pillow without much hassle.

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