10 Best Basketball Hoops For Toddlers And Kids In 2021

Basketball is a fun sport for people of all ages. If you have a hoops-loving toddler or kid, why not buy him/her a basketball hoop and have fun together. In this in-depth guide, we have reviewed some of the best basketball hoops for toddlers and kids on the market.

Your little one will go overboard with joy, receiving a mini basketball hoop. There are a lot of benefits to playing basketball at an early age. Firstly, they will become stronger and will also benefit from improved fine motor skills, such as hand-to-eye coordination. So, it is probably the best time to buy your toddler a basketball hoop if you wish to reap the benefits.

It’s also important to choose the right basketball hoop for your kids. A good basketball hoop can play a vital role when it comes to your kids learning the basics of the sport in a fun way. We have reviewed the top 10 best basketball hoops for toddlers and kids to make things easier for you.

Best Basketball Hoops for Toddlers and Kids

Our Top Picks

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Basketball – Best Basketball Hoop for Toddlers

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Basketball
151 Reviews
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Basketball
  • Two modes of play, music and learning with 10+ songs and tunes
  • Teaches letters, numbers and counting, shapes, colors, opposites and more
  • Features 5 interactive light up shapes, a rim with 3 dancing lights, and a slam dunk hoop with...

The Fisher-Price Basketball Laugh & Learn Basketball is a little bit different from other basketball hoops for toddlers. This one is specially designed for toddlers aged between 6 months to 3 years.

Fisher-Price Basketball Laugh & Learn Basketball is the best basketball hoop for toddlers because it improves their developmental skills without even knowing.

This basketball toy set is designed like a wheeled cart and comes with three height adjustable settings to keep up with the growing babies. The adjustable height settings make it easy and effortless for both sitting and standing play. It also has a rim with three dancing lights so that your little one can hold on and initiate their first steps properly.

This Fisher-Price Basketball basketball toy set promotes your kids’ understanding of learning concepts and language as well as encourages learning through free play. For example, whenever your babies keep his hands on the basket, it makes sounds or counts.

It also has a couple of different musical settings, so your little one won’t get bored playing with it all day long.

Buy your toddler this basketball toy set, and you will feel happy to see a smile on his/her face. Overall, this is a small but perfect toddler basketball hoop for someone who has just started walking and hasn’t mastered running and throwing yet.

  • Includes dancing lights, colorful shapes, and two soft basketballs to toss through the hoop.
  • It can be played sitting and standing.
  • Develops hand/eye coordination skills.
  • High-quality and educational toddler basketball set.
  • It’s a little pricey but worth the extra price.

Final Thoughts: If you want to develop your kids’ hand/eye coordination skills at a really young age, then get them a Fisher-Price Basketball Laugh & Learn Basketball set to play this fun game with ease while developing their motor coordination skills at the same time.

2. Arkmiido Basketball Hoop Set – Best Kids Basketball Hoop and Soccer Goal

Basketball Hoop Set, 3 in 1 Sports Activity Center Grow-to-Pro Adjustable Easy Score Basketball Hoop, Football /...
110 Reviews
Basketball Hoop Set, 3 in 1 Sports Activity Center Grow-to-Pro Adjustable Easy Score Basketball Hoop, Football /...
  • 【 3-in-1 Activity Center 】 This kids basketball hoop has three sports to play, loop game, basket...
  • 【 Height Adjustable 】 This toddler basketball hoop has SEVEN heights settings from 2 to 4 feet,...
  • 【 Training Baby Skills 】 Kids can play alone or together with their friends, parents can join it...

Kids these days need more physical activities, and basketball is one of those few games that kids enjoy while developing their physical and mental strength.

Arkmiido Basketball Hoop Set thus provides a fun environment that ensures your children get an adequate amount of exercise each day.

The Arkmiido Basketball Hoop Set has been designed especially for the little kids to make sure that it’s safe for them while playing alone. The material is not hard heavy, with no sharp edges.

It isn’t just a basketball hoop set; it’s a 3-in-1 sports activity center for kids. They can play Basketball, Soccer, and the Loop game with the same set. It comes with one basketball, one soccer ball, four rings, and one inflator.

You can adjust the height according to your requirements. It is adjustable from 2 to 4 feet in height with seven height-setting. Moreover, it’s portable and easy to assemble, so your kid can experience the fun anywhere.

Basketball, soccer, loop all are team-game. So it will help your kid to grow in a community, maintaining the bonding with family and friends. In a word, it will be the best gift to accompany your growing child.

  • It offers three exciting games with one set.
  • Constructed of lightweight plastic.
  • Adjustable height and easy to assemble.
  • Promotes excellent motor skill development.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The plastic body is not too durable.

Final Thoughts: The set is perfect for improving the balance and coordination skills of little kids in a safe environment. So, no more worries about your child getting hurt or injured as long as they are playing with an Arkmiido Basketball Hoop Set for kids.

3. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set – Best Kids Basketball Hoop

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set for Kids - Basketball Hoop for Toddlers 1-3 Years - Indoor &...
1,035 Reviews
Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set for Kids - Basketball Hoop for Toddlers 1-3 Years - Indoor &...
  • 6 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS - Raise the height to increase difficulty as your kids grow and improve. Little...
  • DEVELOP SKILLS - Playing on the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set will help kids improve their...
  • EASY SCORE OVERSIZED RIM - The Easy Score Basketball Set is designed with an oversized rim making it...

This Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is one of the top-rated basketball hoop set on amazon for kids. The Hoop set is specially designed for growing toddlers, aged between 3 to 7 years.

The plastic body of the set is more durable than you might think. The oversized rim and kid-size basketball make sure they can score easily. And to make the hoop stable, it includes a weighted base in the bottom. You can add approximately 40 lbs/18kg sand there.

As it is portable and easy to assemble, you can set the court anywhere in the house or outside. You will love the feature that it comes with six height adjustment settings from 2.5 to 4 feet. So it is more like a grow-with-kid toy set.

Moreover, the set includes three kid-size plastic balls. Usually, the rubber balls are slightly heavy and challenging for kids. To ease the problem, they have included plastic balls that are very lightweight. So, even a toddler can throw the ball into the basket effortlessly.

As the set includes three balls, kids can play with their whole group, which will not only improve their communication skills but will also teach him social skills.

  • The set comes with three kid-size basketballs and an extra-large rim.
  • It can be played both indoors and outdoors.
  • Improves social and motor skills.
  • High-quality set that is easy to assemble.
  • The design could have been a little better.

Final Thoughts: Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is perfect for growing kids because it improves their social and motor skills. Buy your littlest hoop star a Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set and have some fun time together in your backyard.

4. Franklin Sports Indoor Mini-Basketball Hoop – Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop for Kids

Franklin Sports 54132X Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop - Slam Dunk Approved - Shatter Resistant - Accessories...
2,547 Reviews
Franklin Sports 54132X Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop - Slam Dunk Approved - Shatter Resistant - Accessories...
  • SHATTER RESISTANT BACKBOARD: We at Franklin play just as hard as you. The backboard on this set has...
  • LEGIT SETUP – This is a solid set. You will be shooting a 5 inch rubber basketball into a 9.5 inch...
  • DUAL SPRING RIM – Bring your a-game. We have engineered this set to with sand 3-point shots and...

Want to get your kids interested in basketball? Then getting a Franklin Sports Indoor Mini-Basketball Hoop might be the best thing you can do. You can easily fix the mini-basketball hoop on the wall or on the door and start throwing practices with your kids.

This Indoor Mini-Basketball Hoop comes with a well-built backboard, a mini basketball, rim, and net. The backboard is compatible with almost all standard width doors, which eliminates a major issue of wall-mounted hoops.

One of the best features of this junior basketball hoop is that it is specially designed for kids. So, they made it sturdy enough that your kids won’t be able to break the backboard or rim that easily. There’s more. It’s slam dunk approved and shatter-resistant.

The Mini Basketball Hoop resembles the exceptional quality Franklin Sports has offered since 1946. The pick of the set is you get close to a professional basketball hoop for below $30.

  • Great quality for the price tag.
  • It comes with a setup manual and super easy to assemble.
  • This set comes with all-steel hardware and tools.
  • It fits well in any sized doors.
  • Some users found it difficult to put together by themselves.

Final Thoughts: The set comes with protective EVA foam to protect the door. They have another mini-basketball hoop for kids that comes with led-lights. So before you order, make sure which one you want.

5. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop – Best Indoor Basketball Hoop for Kids

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball, Glow in the Dark (18 x 12 inches)
16,586 Reviews
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball, Glow in the Dark (18 x 12 inches)
  • Glow-in-the-dark pro-style replica graphics
  • Glow-in-the-dark heavy-duty 8-loop, 3-ply nylon net
  • Glow-in-the-dark 5” ball

If you are trying to give your kids the experiences of the real basketball challenge, SKLZ has a great basketball hoop for kids. This hoop is designed with all practical accessories of a competitive game. Furthermore, this indoor basketball hoop for kids is built with a polycarbonate shatter-proof backboard to withstand the wear and tear of the tender age.

SKLZ Pro Mini basketball hoop for kids includes an ultra-durable 8-loop net. These are very common among adult hoop sets will surely improve your kids’ shooting as well.

The metal brackets and shatterproof blackboard reduce noise so that your kids can play the game whenever they want without bothering anyone. And the breakaway rim allows for bank shots, layups, and slam dunks.

The design of this hoop is also exciting. The professional look gives the hoop a shiny touch of a real basketball game. Quick-assemble and easy-mount make it more versatile.

Though it is a mini basketball hoop, it can also be a compatible pass time for you. You can play with your little ones occasionally. That will help to build a strong parental connection, which is very important for a child’s mental health.

The set includes a 23″×16″ polycarbonate backboard, padded brackets with a hook, a 9.5″ breakaway rim (spring action), a 5.5″ Rubber basketball, and a wrench.

  • It comes with a polycarbonate shatter-proof backboard.
  • It helps to experiences the real basketball game.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Great quality at a reasonable price.

The basketball that comes with the set looks cheap.

Final Thoughts: SKLZ is very popular for its durable and reliable sporting equipment for kids and adults alike. If you are looking for a well-constructed and ultra-strong basketball hoop for your kids, SKLZ is a perfect choice.

6. Costzon Kids Basketball Hoop – Adjustable Basketball Hoop for Kids

Children are turning into screen junkies more than ever. So, it’s important to keep themselves busy by making them explore fun games and physical activities. If you have kids aged between 3 to 8 years, this is the right time for getting them a Costzon Kids Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop.

You need the right sporting equipment to grow your child’s interest in sports at an early age. The Costzon Kids Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop is perfect for kids because it’s made of durable and lightweight HDP material. With a sturdy backboard and molded base, this set makes play fun and convenient.

This set comes with an instruction manual to make the assembly easier. Moreover, the basketball stand’s base includes a handle for easy transportation. So your kid can easily set the court in different places/positions. This feature will keep your child motivated.

The set has five height adjustment facilities to make it more convenient for growing kids. The height can be adjusted 4 to 7 feet considering the age group and skill level. The smooth edge and bright color also make it more suitable for the kids.

  • Constructed from very sturdy as well as environment-friendly, non-toxic, and odor-free materials.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Extremely convenient to move to different positions.
  • The set comes with a steady and stable base.
  • The set doesn’t include a ball.

Final Thoughts: Costzon Kids Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop is a great way to provide hours of entertainment for kids. The quality and design of the set perfectly match the kid’s requirements. Overall, it’s worth giving a try.

7. Step2 Junior Basketball Hoops Set – Best Outdoor Basketball Hoop for Kids

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Junior Basketball Set
227 Reviews
Step2 Shootin' Hoops Junior Basketball Set
  • Toddlers will love active sports play with the Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set by Step2!
  • Oversized backboard and wide-rim hoop make it easy for toddlers to shoot the basketball into the...
  • Basketball hoop toy for toddlers is adjustable from 30 in. (76.2 cm.) up to 48 in. (121.9 cm.).

Step2 Junior Basketball Hoops set is the perfect choice for kids as young as one-year-old. Combining look, quality, and versatility, Step2 brings the best combination available for those who are looking for the best outdoor basketball hoops for toddlers and kids.

This junior basketball set can be adjusted to many heights. So your toddler can play with it for years to come. The extra-large design of the backboard makes the scoring fun and easy. The set is also light-weight, so it’s super easy to set up a temporary court outside in the backyard.

The set comes with two storage units for outdoor use, one for water, the other for basketball. The woven net and weather-resistant plastic frame will give the opportunity to use it a few more years.

For juniors, safety is important while playing alone with a basketball hoop set. Keeping this into consideration, Step2 has made it lightweight with no hard and sharp edges. The height isn’t adjustable, which may cause some subtle problems for you.

  • The light-weight set offers more portability.
  • Oversized backboard makes scoring easy for juniors.
  • Each set comes with one mini basketball and two molded-in cup holders for storing drinks and basketball.
  • This hoop doesn’t come with adjustable height settings, so make sure you are choosing the right size for your kid.

Final Thoughts: Step2 is famous for producing high-quality basketball sets for kids. With the sturdy hoop, you get great value for the price. Without a doubt, your toddler will enjoy shooting, dribbling, as well as have lots of laughter, physical exercise, and slam dunk into the hoop.

8. Spalding Over The Door Unit – Best Over The Door Basketball Hoop

Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop
2,230 Reviews
Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop
  • Mounts on door: For indoor play
  • Basketball included: 5 inch rubber mini ball and assembly tool included
  • Padded: Padded polycarbonate board

Spalding Over The Door Unit is a perfect starter basketball hoop for kids that also comes at an excellent price.

The NBA Slam Jam set is designed with a color NBA Logoman and 1/4″ scale replica of actual NBA game backboard for the authentic NBA experience. The set also includes an NBA Replica Game Ball that has the look and feel of the Official NBA Game Ball.

There’s more in this set. It includes assembly tools along with the 4-inch rubber mini basketball. That is why this over the door basketball hoop set is in our top 10 list itself.

Both the basketball and hoop are the best fit for kids, and the hoop can be hanged easily on most doors. Moreover, the steel breakaway rim makes the set super sturdy. With the padded door hooks, you can easily fix it to your doorway and have all the basketball fun with your kids.

  • A quality set at an affordable price.
  • It gives the real NBA feel.
  • The set comes with a kid-sized ball.
  • This backboard isn’t durable enough.
  • The set doesn’t fit oversized doors.
  • Although the ball is great, it’s a little too hard for kids.

Final Thoughts: If you are looking for a well-constructed set at an affordable price, this is the set you and your kids will love. This over the unit hoop set comes with a very strong quality backboard and rim. So, you can let your kids slam dunk on it without the fear of breaking.

9. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center – Best Basketball Hoop And Soccer Goal for Toddlers

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center (Frustration Free Packaging)
4,638 Reviews
VTech Smart Shots Sports Center (Frustration Free Packaging)
  • 2-in-1 kids basketball hoop sports center; play on the toddler basketball goal or score goals with...
  • Animated light up LED Scoreboard Counts baskets up to 10 and plays encouraging animations, sounds...
  • Shape buttons introduce shapes, numbers and sounds; early learning center comes with 50 plus songs,...

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is one of the best-sellers for basketball hoops and soccer goals for toddlers across the world. You can check their more than four thousand positive reviews on Amazon to find out why it’s parents’ favorite.

With this kids’ basketball hoop sports center, your toddler can learn to play basketball and soccer at the same time.

There are two packages available for this toddler basketball hoop set: one is standard packaging, and the other is the frustration-free packaging. With standard packaging, you get the original manufacturers box, whereas the frustration-free packaging comes as a wrapped gift.

This set contains a basketball for shooting and a soccer ball for kicking. It has a sensor as well to count and cheer them on whenever they get to throw a ball in the basket. This is a great feature to make the game fun in the first place.

There are more than 50 plus songs, sounds, and phrases. So you can also use it as educational toys for babies, toddlers, preschoolers. The set is designed well with no choking hazard, a must-have feature for toddlers set. Moreover, this toddler basketball hoop and soccer set is sturdy enough for their regular use on different surfaces. Your kids would really enjoy playing with it on their own. Overall, you wouldn’t regret giving it a try.

  • Best-rated basketball hoop set for toddlers.
  • The set will meet the versatile need of your toddler.
  • Includes a basketball and a Soccer ball.
  • Made of lightweight plastic.
  • Great value for the price.
  • The rim could have been a little stronger.

Final Thoughts: With more than 90% positive reviews, you can’t make any mistakes buying a VTech Smart Shots Sports Center for your toddler. If you have a little toddler in your house, get one now!

10. GoSports Splash Hoop 360 – Best Pool Basketball Hoop for Kids

GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game, Includes Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump
263 Reviews
GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game, Includes Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump
  • MAKE A SPLASH: Beat the buzzer and the heat this summer with the Go Sports Splash Hoop 360 -...
  • MODERN DESIGN: Ditch the cheap looking hoops of the past and upgrade with Splash Hoop 360's new...
  • BUILT FOR POOL PLAY: Our Splash Hoop 360 is engineered to withstand all the splashing that comes...

Water basketball is a fun pool game you can play with the whole family. With a combination of great design and sturdy materials, GoSports has the best pool hoop in the market that will make your summer more enjoyable.

GoSports offers a well-constructed set at an excellent price. The complete set includes two balls along with a hand pump and a ball inflation needle. The two balls that come with the set are also well-constructed. If you need additional balls, you can even get them at an affordable price.

The best thing is – when your kids get bored with it, you can take the hoop apart for easy storage. During the winter season, you can even set it up in your living room and have a blast with your kids. This set comes mostly assembled, so your kids need to wait only a few minutes to start the fun.

  • The set comes with a sturdy frame.
  • Includes two water basketballs with anti-slip texture and a hand pump with inflation needle.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • This hoop is a little costlier than other pool hoop sets for kids, but we think it’s worth the extra price.

Final Thoughts: The GoSports Splash Hoop 360 set is an excellent choice for those who are looking for hours of family-fun in the pool. Their excellent customer support will make sure you get quality service even after receiving the product. So, we recommend that you buy this pool hoop without any hesitation!


Best Basketball Hoops For Toddlers

Questions & Answers

What safety measures should you take?

Most of the above-reviewed basketball hoops are specially designed for kids. So they have all the safety precautions to protect your toddler from any harm. Yet, your kids can get hurt while playing with basketball hoops. The most common injuries are stress-related injuries like tendonitis. So, you need to make sure that your kids are wearing the required safety gear. Even the right basketball shoe can go a long way toward reducing ankle, foot, and knee injuries. Check out our reviews of the best basketball shoes for kids here.

How to choose the best toddler basketball hoops?

With so many different types of basketball hoops to choose from, there are some things you should keep in mind when buying a basketball hoop set for toddlers.

Height of the basketball hoop

Even if most of the toddler basketball hoops come with adjustable height settings, height should be the first consideration while buying a toddler basketball hoop.

The size and weight of the basketballs

The size and weight of the basketballs that come with the hoop are also very important for kids. If the balls are too heavy, your toddler will have difficulty shooting the ball into the basket.

The price of the hoop

The last consideration is the price of the hoop. Set a budget, and try to stick to it.

With these tips in mind, you can easily find the right basketball hoop that your kid would love playing with.

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