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10 Best Dragon Movies For Kids and Families in 2023

It’s tough to find a kid who doesn’t love playing with toy dragons or watching dragon movies! There are plenty of animated movies that contain dragon characters. If your kids are up for some fun dragon-themed movies, here are the best suggestions for you.

Best Dragon Movies For Kids & Families

How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup, a boy, who lives on a dragon island, must fight the dragons to save his clan. At least, that is what is expected of him. However, Hiccup could not kill a dragon even after defeating it; he was just too kind for that!

Later on, Hiccup finds more interesting facts about the dragons and becomes a friend.

This franchise has probably the best Dragon movie series anyone can ever watch! Each one of them tells a bigger story than it seems to, a story that teaches kindness and responsibility simultaneously. It shows that we have to be responsible for the duties we’re given, but also think beyond and work for the greater purpose!

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The second installment of The Hobbit Trilogy has some exciting characters, including the magnificent dragon Smaug, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. To retrieve the Arkenstone from the Lonely Mountain, Bilbo Baggins must deal with the spectacular dragon Smaug first. 

Anyone who watched the movie will acknowledge that the visualization is top-notch! The characters are pretty fun too!

There are a few lessons for kids as well. This movie will teach a kid how to differentiate between good and evil. Moreover, it will inspire them to be a hero in their life!

Raya and The Last Dragon

This very recent Oscar-nominated movie is such a delight! Disney films are already great for their mindful visualizations. Raya and The Last Dragon is one of the best among them!

This movie tells a different story from the above two. The dragons have a friendly history with humanity by saving them from deadly monsters. However, when the monsters attack the humans again, a dragon must come and help again! So, Raya, the warrior, goes out in search of it.

Raya & The Last Dragon teaches us the power of trust. A community is only powerful when people there trust each other. And that is how a community can diminish any detrimental enemy.

Wish Dragon

A boy finds a dragon that can fulfill any wish, and so he asks for the opportunity to meet an old friend he hasn’t seen in many years.

This movie is from the romance genre and is made for kids aged eight or above. A unique fact about this movie is that you will get a Chinese animation vibe here. The visual is pretty satisfying. This movie highlights the importance of love and friendship, which will warm your heart!


Mulan is a portrayal of a very old chine tale. A girl named Mulan goes to war to save his father when the Huns attack their kingdom. As the girls are not allowed in combat, she takes the disguise of a boy. She prayed to her ancestors to win this war. They gifted her a dragon to aid her during the war.

The story is very inspiring and uplifting. On the one hand, it shows us the importance of being courageous when needed; on the other hand, it tells us the value of responsibility towards our family and community. Even though there are some spiritual incidences, it will be a worthwhile watch!


It isn’t easy to find people who haven’t watched Shrek yet! After being released in 2001, this movie became one of the biggest hits among animation movies.

When Shrek lost his residence to lord Farqaad, he had only one way to get it back, rescuing Princess Fiona! This is all about Shrek’s journey to rescue a princess, which is full of fun. It’s basically the top-tier comedy that made this movie a big hit. Even today, Shrek is just as popular after its release.

The Flight of Dragons

The Flight of Dragon is a movie where science meets magic, and together they find out facts about dragons. The film starts with some wizards’ becoming dragons by accident. After a long dispute among themselves, they finally tracked down a scientist of ancient times who could help them.

This movie can be considered a classic of all time. It’s based on a book of the same name (1979) by Peter Dickinson with the novel The Dragon and the George (1976) by Gordon R. Dickson.

Spirited Away

“You still haven’t noticed that something precious to you has been replaced.”

Studio Ghibli has entertained us with some fantastic scripts and colorful animation work. This Oscar-winning animated feature, Spirited Away, is a mystical, charming, and truly enchanting animated fantasy from the studio. In this movie, your child will experience it all straight from terror and tragedy to comedy!

Thanks to Studio Ghibli! The kids could not possibly spend their movie time with more excitement! With a rate of 8.6 on IMDB and 96% on rotten tomatoes, no doubt it will be a hit among the family.

The Water Horse

A little kid finds a weird little egg, and after a while, it hatches a water horse. The kid petted this strange creature and raised it all by himself! However, he kept it hidden from his parents until a certain time.

A lot of kids dream of having a dragon of their own. Watching a little dragon as an unharmful family member, they will love it! This family genre movie will warm your heart and give you a cute vibe!

Reign of Fire

Children are born curious. As the name implies, Reign of Fire, takes on the dragon myth such as what if the world is wiped out by airborne, fire-breathing dragons? 

No doubt that this fantasy film will keep everyone in the family hooked!


Imagination is one of the most powerful things a child should be introduced to. Providing food for your child’s imagination will help their creativity flourish. Kids love to roam around in the world of fantasy. Maybe in some worlds, they imagine themselves as fairies, dragons, or some other utopian beings. Let your children spread their wings of imagination!

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